Arbre de Noël

Saturday we made our third annual trip to Wilson Hill Tree Farm, and found ourselves the perfect tree.  We bundled Morty and Ferdie in some adorable bear outfits that kept them warm and snuggly in the stroller while we braved the rain on our tree hunt.  They slept the whole time, which was, of course, just what I hoped.

Louie insisted on being carried.

This a new thing which is just not going to work out for me.  If you set her down and try to hold her hand, she squats and will not move until you offer to carry her.  Um, not working with two babies; but I digress.  Back to our regularly scheduled post about Christmas trees.

Ella and Rico were good sports most of the time.  Ella, in particular, got a little moody at then end, but then we posed for pictures and got cookies and everything was all better.

I put lights on after the kids were in bed, and we decorated it Sunday night.  We still may put on some candy canes, but that won't happen until after the next trip to the store.  Which, as you may guess, won't happen with all four (or five) kids in tow.  I'm still a little intimidated at that prospect.

How I love having a Christmas tree!  (Even if I have to remind Louie {And Rico. And Ella} forty-five times an hour not to touch it.)

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Valerie said...

Yay for adorable bear outfits! I'm so glad you were able to use them. they are super adorable. I love them! I know what you mean, taking 5 kids out seems impossible! Even 2 is daunting!