The Birth Center: Part IV (c)

Thanks to an excellent epidural, I was still feeling NOTHING when it came to contractions.  In fact, without looking at the monitor, I wouldn't really have known I was having any.  But pretty soon, I was beginning to feel pressure down there, if you know what I mean.

I was progressing much faster, and was at a 8-9 within an hour or so.  Sometime between 6 and 6:45 (times are a little fuzzy) the pressure was getting so intense it was painful, and I was having to breathe through each contraction.  I had Tom step out to grab the nurse, but she wasn't at her post.  Within a few minutes another nurse popped in, because Morty had escaped his monitor, again.  When she saw me during a contraction, she checked me, but instead of giving a measurement, she said something to the effect of, "baby's head is right here, let's move you to the OR."

If you weren't aware, twins are always delivered in the OR because of the (much) higher chance of needing an emergency c-section for one or both.  We knew that Ferdie would be fine, but Morty was still transverse so would need to be turned, or delivered breech.  If anything went wrong, it would be a c-section for him, and I would get to recover from both.  Sounds fun, no?

They quickly got everything ready, paged the doctor and rushed me to the operating room.  There, I had to be slid (no feeling in the legs, remember?) onto the operating table where I was flat on my back for the first time in months.  I was astounded by the size of the mountain that was my belly.  I knew the doctor was standing at the foot of the table, but I couldn't even see her.

They got everything prepped and told me to push.  Three pushes later and Ferdie was born.  I had four women standing around me, pushing on my (much smaller) belly to get baby B into position.  Soon enough, Morty was determined to be head down and ready to go.  I wasn't feeling the contractions at all, so pushing was a little more difficult, but it wasn't more than a minute or two and Morty followed his brother out into the world. They were born at 7:05 and 7:13.

Both babies were determined to be perfect, and smiles and congratulations were spread all around.  My doctor was heard to say "That was FUN!"  and I finally got to hold those sweet little bundles in my arms.  And even better, someone else could hold them!

Eventually I made it back to my room, where my dad met us with pizza. (Hooray!  Food!) The nurses weighed and measured the babies and they clocked in at just under 7 lbs each (Ferdie at 6 lbs 14.2 and Morty at 6 lbs 15) and measured 19.25" and 19.5", respectively.  Pretty good sized for 37 weeks, if you ask me.  (And the hospital agreed with me, I was exactly 37 weeks on Wednesday, the 20th.)

While this pregnancy was definitely the hardest, this delivery was the easiest.  Unlike the last three, I didn't need any stitches, which makes an amazing difference in the recovery, let me tell you. 

I cannot even begin to tell how incredibly blessed and lucky I am to having these sweet little boys.  They are now 12 days old and are angels.  Last night I got not one but TWO four-hour stretches of sleep.  And a nap today (but that's thanks to Grandma!).  And I promise to get more pictures up eventually.

On a side note: I intended to call them Morty and Ferdie on the blog until I got around to giving them real nick-names, but then Tom suggested we could call them Leo and Rocky (very very loosely name-based) and I kind of like that, too.  What's your vote?  Morty and Ferdie, or Leo and Rocky?


Kevin and Eliza said...

Congratulations! I'm so happy for your family. The boys are adorable. Hooray for getting two 4 hour stretches of sleep.

mrs. olson said...

Congratulations! I'm so glad you're all well and happy. That's awesome the delivery went so well and that you didn't need an emergency c-section!!

Valerie said...

Thanks for sharing! As I read this, I wonder if I shouldn't have pushed the doctor more for a vaginal birth rather than just going ahead with the C Section. I guess water breaking and contractions make you make quick decisions. Then again, you already had 3 children and were well prepared for the final delivery. Congratulations again! I really wish I was closer to see them personally.

The Wife said...

I like Morty and Ferdie LOL, goofy names. So I'm happy to hear recovery is MUCH easier without stitches... I'm praying no stitches this time around. As much as I LOVED packing around my donut for 2 months I'd rather just keep it in the closet....

Bethany said...

I think I'm used to Morty and Ferdie, but I'll adjust if you change it. So nice to have no stitches--those are icky.

Janssen said...

Those are VERY good size babies. I can't believe it!