I'm dreaming of a white...


But that's what we got.  Snow started coming down Sunday, school let out early Monday and was closed Tuesday and Wednesday.  That made for one family-filled week.  I was glad that Tom was home, and I got to be the stay-inside-with-the-babies parent, instead of the play-in-the-snow-with-the-big-kids parent.  It's much warmer that way.

Most of the snow came down Monday and Tuesday, and we got way more than our usual (and expected) dusting.

Monday, the kids made a snowman with dad in the back yard.  I came out to deliver a carrot nose and take some pictures.  Louie wasn't a huge fan of the cold, and at this point was just ready to be held.  Or go inside, which is exactly what we did after this picture was taken.

Wednesday we drove up to my parents.  It hadn't actually snowed in a while, but the temp had stayed low enough that the snow was still around, though the roads were fairly decent (once you got out of the neighborhood).  We didn't bring snow boots and snow coats, as it was supposed to warm up and rain on Thursday.

That was a mistake.

We woke up Thursday to snow coming down, so of course the kids wanted to go out in it.  I rummaged through Sarah's winter things (not much use for them in Japan, I guess, so she left them at my parents') and found 2 pairs of snow pants.  Ella and Rico put those on over their pjs, topped them with jackets and shoes and called it good.  Grandpa even came out in his pajamas!  Once again, I got dragged out to deliver accessories and take pictures.

In my pajamas, like everyone else. 

And then, it did warm up and even rained a bit, so that by Friday, most all of the snow was gone, and life was back to normal.  (Not to mention temps in the 40's.  So much better than the teens and 20's.) Which is just how I like it.

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Sarah said...

You must have already had this post written because it was up within min of me sending that email. Thanks for the update and pics. I am with you on the warm in the house parent, I wish I could have been there to watch the fun with you. I could use a little snow about now :D