Diaper discoveries

As you may guess, we change a lot of diapers around here.  Most of the time the changes are pretty non-noteworthy.  But occasionally you get something a little more exciting, like a blowout.

Luckily, Lou is beyond that stage, but there are still exciting times when changing her diaper.

While Tom was changing her diaper yesterday, he informed me that Morty and Ferdie's diapers don't fit her.  In case I was wondering.

Thanks for that.

This morning while I was changing her, we had the following conversation.  {It should be noted that Lou loves to sit on the potty, but has yet to have any success.  I'm in no rush to have her potty trained, but I figure as long as she's interested, I might as well attempt to explain/encourage the concept.  Hence the conversation.}

L: Oh, yucca dinky!
M: Yes, yucky stinky.
L: Yucca yucca poo-pyoos!
M: Where should we go stinky, Lou?
L: Will.
M: On Will?  Where should we go stinky?
L: Will head.  Gamma head.

Apparently now the appropriate place to go stinky is on Will and Grandma's head.  Um, sorry about that, guys.  I'll work on it before we see you again!



It had been a little too long since I had washed the kids' sheets, but with a bunk bed it's just a little too much effort.  Especially that top bunk.  So last Saturday, Tom pulled the sheets off, we got them washed and put back on.  (We could have just put on the back-up set, but those are plain, and Rico wanted Mickey.) I figured we'd be good to go for a good while.

Enter Tuesday night.

Tom got home from work early and for once we didn't have anything going on in the evening.  He's been wanting to watch A Muppet Christmas Carol for awhile now, and this seemed the perfect opportunity.  Since both Ella and Rico got immense amounts of sour cream on their shirts during dinner, we had them change into jammies before the movie.  I didn't put a diaper on Rico (he still wears one overnight) since it was a couple hours until bed time.

That was a mistake.

Naturally we forgot to put one on him before he got in bed.  And naturally, this wasn't one of his dry nights (of which he has many).  So the sheets lasted all of three nights.  One of which was spent at Grandma's.

Luckily he's on the bottom bunk, or I might have complained a whole lot more.


If I only had a brain!

Once upon a time my dad gave me a new (used) printer.  As in, he bought himself a new one and gave me his old one.  With it, he gave me a new (new) cartridge, as the toner that was in it was having problems.  I promptly switched them out and tried to print something.  (Actually, I lie.  It was not so prompt.  I don't print much around here.)

The first couple of times it worked fine, but pretty soon it was printing like this:

Which is not so helpful.

I tried shaking the cartridge which helped for, like, one print, and then it was worse than ever.

I called Dad up.  It sounded to him like maybe he had packaged up an empty cartridge to send back and mistaken it for a new one.   He said that he would take a look at it and try to refill it from the old one that had issues, but plenty of toner.

I brought it up over Thanksgiving.  He took one look at it and laughed at me.

He was surprised it ever printed anything at all.

When all else fails, read the directions.