I revamped my blog the other day (what do you think?), but between then and now, the title got fuzzy.  I created it using an application called PhotoStudio, saved it as a jpg and added it to my blog.  Yesterday the words were crisp and clear, and today they look all pixilated (is that even a word?) and fuzzy.  I've tried re-uploading it, and even made a new one, but to no avail.  If you have any ideas on why that's happening or what I can do to fix it, feel free to clue me in!

Once again, photo credit, this time for the background and pictures on the right side bar, goes to Jonathan.  He has mad skills.

Post edit: Google appears to have fixed the problem--Yay!


Kate said...

Thanks so much for your comment on my blog! It's good to hear that other children have had the same condition and haven't had to do surgery.

I wish I could help you with the pixelated problem! But I'm not that techy! Good luck!

I'm loving all the pictures on your sidebar :) You have just the sweetest family.

Juliana said...

The fuzzy banner problem isn't just you--I've had a few friends complain about just over night! I hope blogger works it out soon.

Your family is beautiful!

(PS: check out:

Elisabeth said...

I tlooks perfect on my computer. I like the re-vamp and the new pictures! :)

Anonymous said...

glad you cropped in on Little Lou (it IS darling of her, the grin we all try to capture) - one of my least favorite pictures of me.... am I really looking that old, or was that just a bad morning?

Love this picture of Jonathan's.... very cool. Nice job, girlie!

Anonymous said...

I guess "this picture of Jonathan's" isn't very helpful since he took most of the ones that are visible on the first several screens.... I particularly like the background Chihuli (sp?) glass one.

crystal b. said...

Super cool! I can't believe you did that yourself!