Mr. Man

Sometimes I think Ferdie thinks he has something to prove.  I don't know if it's because he was my smallest baby (by less than an ounce), or because he was shunted aside shortly after birth to make way for his little brother, or something else entirely.  But either way, he seems to have it in his head that he needs to grow up.  NOW.

He's putting on weight like it's going out of style.  I don't have a recent weight on the kids, but based on his rolls, he's probably one-and-a-half to two pounds more than Morty at this point.   He's balding like an old man, receding hairline and all.  And his most recent feat: he has a tooth.

Yes, you read that right.  My three month old little baby has a tooth.  Almost two actually.

I can tell Morty's working on some as well, but he's still got awhile before they cut through.  And I'm glad.  Because they're still nursing full-time.

Luckily he hasn't tried anything with his little chomper, but I'm sure he will soon enough.

Post edit: Scratch that: he has TWO!


Alisha said...

A TOOTH!?!? Woah baby. My 9 month old doesn't even have one of those! But he is a notorious underachiever. He'd like to be a baby forever, I'd say. Fine with me!

Anonymous said...

Well, Janelle, you were only 4 months old when you got your first two teeth.... I guess he's getting serious about wanting to keep growing!

Mathews Family said...

Wow! A tooth? I wonder if Cayden is getting one. He's already been an overachiever. Holding his head up and standing with help since day one.

mrs. olson said...

That is crazy! I can't believe he has teeth already!!