Who let the dogs out?

Well, the day has finally come.  We got 4 dogs on Friday.  But if you know me, you'd better know that they don't shed, make messes, or bark excessively.

For that matter they don't bark at all.

Because they aren't canines, they are parts for the washing machine. 

(Were you wondering if I'd gone completely crazy?)

A week or so ago, I noticed that the agitator in our washing machine was no longer doing it's job.  I mentioned this to my dad in hopes that he would know how to fix it.  A new washing machine, or even expensive repairs, would not so much be in the budget currently, so I had my fingers crossed.  He assured me that it would in the "under $20" category, and that the agitator dogs simply needed to be replaced, as they can wear out.  He even pulled apart the agitator to show Tom how to fix it once we had the parts.

I got online and ordered new dogs (on amazon, where else?).  The grand total was $4.79, with free shipping.  They came Friday and (with one phone call to my dad) I had them installed before Tom got home from work.

So for less than 5 bucks and a half hour of my time, my washing machine is all better!

I have mad appliance repair skills, I tell ya.

And that's the only kind of dog I plan on buying any time soon. (Sorry, Ella!)


Bethany said...

Wow, I thought you'd completely lost your mind. Or that you are a much braver woman than I am. Glad to know they were simply helpful washer parts rather than pets. I always thought my mom was amazing because she could do stuff like fix our washer. Maybe I'll be cool like you guys some day! (I just hope it isn't soon--I don't want a broken washer).

Neoma said...

I think you have more skills than I do. I've been asked appliance repair questions before because my dad and brothers worked in the industry, but the extent of my knowledge is
1. Always check to make sure it is plugged in first. and
2. Always clean the lint filter on your dryer.