Almost better

Sorry, super long post.  Feel free to skim.  Or skip.  I won't mind.

We are slowly, but surely, returning from the grave where one or the other of us has been for over two weeks now.  It all started three Sundays ago when Ella had a bit of a fever.  She ended up staying home from school for the en.ti.re week.  Which is not nearly as fun as it sounds.  She was miserable, with a cough and fever and runny nose that wouldn't stop.  When she started complaining of ear pain Tuesday night, I took her to the doctor. 

Diagnosis: an ear infection and a "really bad cold."  For the first time in her life, we put her on antibiotics (for her ear), and though her fever hung around for the rest of the week, she pulled out of it. 

Rico, of course, waited until she was nearly better before coming down with the cold Friday night.  He rebounded Saturday so we could have a birthday party for him (he's FOUR!) but Sunday he was miserable again.  And to top it off, Louie was joining him in his misery. 

After another week, Rico was appearing to improve, though he was still taking a nap everyday, which is not normal. (Side note: one great thing about sick kids is they are such good sleepers.  Every day Louie would stay in her bed for naptime and bedtime and would get tons of sleep.)  Lou, however, was still miserable.  She still had a fever, her eyes were all goopy, and any time she wasn't sleeping she was either laying miserably on the couch, or yelling. 

Even Morty and Ferdie didn't escape.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised, because I was feeling congested and scratchy-throated, as well.  Both little ones had slight fevers and runny noses and coughs.  I assert that there is nothing more pathetic and sad than a sick little baby.  But they got over it the quickest, thank goodness.

Since Ella and Rico had both gotten better at about the 6 day mark, I figured Lou would be the same.  But by Friday night I was ready to take her to the doctor, but Saturday morning she perked up and was acting almost normal, so I postponed.  After her nap she was much worse.  We were having an 80th birthday party for my grandma in Olympia, so we hung out down there for a couple of hours, and she spent the whole time in Tom's arms.  She didn't even want me.  Sunday morning was a little better again, and her fever was gone, but Sunday night was misery.  Monday, I woke her up so we could take Ella to school, she ate some breakfast and went straight back to bed. 

When she woke up, she looked awful.  To say that she looked like death warmed over would be a little generous.  It was so sad.  She had big dark circles under her goopy nasty eyes, she was pale, she was coughing up a lung, and her nose was running like a faucet.  I called the doctor and we went in right away. 

Diagnosis: ear infection, nasty eyes (I didn't get a name, but we did get drops), and pneumonia/bronchitis.  Poor little thing.

Rico, who had been improving, and I though was mostly better, was still coughing and had a fever (again!) so the doctor checked him out, too.

Diagnosis: mild ear infection and bronchitis.

So back to the pharmacy we went.  Antibiotics for both little ones, and eye drops for the Lou.  Luckily the doctor had given us a couple of sample bottles of the drops, because even after insurance they were going to be $82 something.  I didn't get them. 

The difference between Monday and Tuesday was astounding.  Sweet little Lou was acting much more like her normal mischievous self.  Her eyes were clear, she was up and playing, and singing, and bugging her siblings.  Tom and I just looked at each other and laughed, when after she was put in bed she climbed the ladder into Ella's bed (like she normally does every. single. night).  It is so nice to have our happy girl back!

The kids are all still coughing a little, but nothing scary sounding, and Rico hasn't taken a nap since Sunday. 



mrs. olson said...

That sounds terrible! I'm so sorry. Thank goodness it's all passed now!!

Alisha said...

It's that good breastmilk keeping those babies healthy! Glad you're getting better. We're sick over here too-- I'm miserable. Yuck.

------------------------------- said...

I want to know what the Hallelujah is over the no naps.

~Lisa Lewis~