Wardrobe Malfunction

I occasionally have an idea of what I plan to wear on a given day, more frequently on Sundays.  Today's plans were dark: charcoal and black, with tights and dressy loafers.  But when I went to my closet today to get my black skirt, it was nowhere to be found.  I'm guessing I must have left it at my parents', but that's little consolation since I can't even call to check.
Dang Japan.

So I reworked my plans around a (nursing-friendly) black dress.  But that meant my gray undershirt got the boot.  After getting the kids ready (on my own, blessed early meetings), I grabbed my shoes and started loading kids in the car.  After the second trip to the car, I realized the bottom of my heel was coming off.

Rather than lose it somewhere at church, I had to change my shoes. Which made me grumpy, since my pumps didn't look nearly as good with the tights I was wearing, and I didn't have time to change. So in the end, I only wore the tights and jewelry I was planning on.

Then, when I was feeding the boys after church, and contemplating where best to photograph their adorable church outfits, Morty had a bit of a blowout.  I thought my plans were foiled, but quick thinking and action on my part saved the day, and his outfit, if only long enough to document the cuteness. (Morty's on the left.)
 I could pretty much eat them up, they're so cute.


mrs. olson said...

They are adorable!! I hate it when my outfits don't pan out for one reason or another. So frustrating!

Melanie said...

Freakin' Adorable!!

Momma Strain said...

They look like their daddy thats for sure!

Janssen said...

Bwhahah, those are SO cute! I still can't quite get over that it was TWINS!

Those coupons showed up in my mailbox today. THANK YOU!