10 on Tuesday: Round 2

1. Louie is talking so much!  You can tell that she processes everything she sees and hears, but sometimes her brain can't keep up with her mouth, so you end up with sentences that include "an, an, an...an, an, an, an, an..... an, an."  It's pretty much adorable.

2. I really want to join a CSA (this one or this one), but I also have a hard time giving away my hard-earned money (okay, Tom's hard-earned money) now for produce in June. 

3. After a successful experience with these cookies, I've been adding flax seed and brewer's yeast to my green smoothies.  Word to the wise: if you let it sit for a while, the taste mellows to almost nothing.

4. I didn't read Babywise until my fourth pregnancy.  What was I waiting for?  If you haven't read it, and you have (or will have) babies, I recommend it.  It's not perfect, but it is helpful, and my babies were sleeping through the night at 7 weeks, so it worked for me!

5. I'm trying out a new soup recipe tonight, which is big since I don't like many kinds of soup.  I'll let you know if it's a winner.

6. When I did this challenge, I thought the hardest part would be the whole grains, because I so much prefer the white version of everything (flour, bread, rice, pasta, etc.) but I was surprised to find that by the end, I'm just as happy with the brown version.  And maybe even more so, because I know it's better for me

7. It has taken me so long to come up with 10 things that I can already tell you the results of the soup: excellent.  I wouldn't say it was my favorite, but it was good, and healthy to boot.

8. Rico even finished his (mini) bowl and Ella had two!

9. When we first got married, we bought a nice set of KitchenAid cookware.  I love it.  The only problem is that it came with 2 and 3 quart sauce pans and an 8 quart stock pot.  I find that I need something in the middle most of the time (5-6 quarts).  Because I'm spoiled I can't talk myself into buying a cheap one, but because I'm cheap I can't talk myself into buying a nice one.

10.  I got a new calling in church about a month ago.  I am now the Visiting Teaching coordinator.  I pretty much have no idea what I'm doing.  But it's good.   I do miss Young Women, though.


10 on Tuesday

I've been failing at blogging of late, so in an attempt to get something posted at least weekly, I'm going to try out the 10 on Tuesday concept that I'm stealing from my husband's cousin's wife cyber-friend Alisha.

1.  I think we're teething again still.  Morty and Ferdie have six teeth a piece, and I think we're working on number 7 and 8 currently.  (Let me remind you, they are barely five months old.)

2.  Morty used to suck his left thumb.  Ferdie preferred the middle two fingers on his right hand.

3.  I think I have broken them of this habit, which makes me happy.

4.  But I failed to get a picture of it, which makes me sad. 

5.  Louie is becoming quite the character.  Yesterday evening she kept telling me "Me mommy, you Louie," and would correct me any time I started acting like the mother.

6.  Rico is really trying my patience these days.  He's a fan of doing exactly what he knows he should not/what you just told his sibling not to do. And ignoring you when you tell ask him to stop.

7.  I cut my kids' pancakes (and waffles, french toast, etc.) with a pizza cutter.  It is genius.  And much easier than the knife approach.

8.  I just went to check on Ferdie, who thinks it's time to eat (he's wrong), and he had kicked his way out of not only his blankets, but his pants as well.

9.  One of my new favorite meals is Mexican lasagna.  Which is funny since I would HATED it growing up.  (Because I can't leave a recipe alone, I make it with whole wheat noodles and make a couple of other changes, but it's essentially the same.)

10.  I've mentioned every child but Ella in this post.  She's pretty much same old same old.  Which is great, because she is fantastic.

So there's ten tidbits for you to digest, and hopefully I'll be back next week!


I love books!

I write about three posts a day.

In my head.

But somehow I never get around to sitting down and typing them out.  I do have five really cute, good reasons, but nevertheless, I still wish I got a few more posts out of my head and onto my blog.

And now that I am sitting down to write, it's not so much the newsy, picture-filled post you might be hoping for.  Hopefully that's coming.

What you get is a little recommendation that you all head over to Janette Rallison's blog and enter to win a book.  She's giving one away every day until April 12th, when her latest work is released. 

You might remember me blogging about Janette Rallison before, and I'm still just a big a fan as I was then.  I  highly recommend everything I've ever read by her. 

So go.  Enter. 

But don't win. 

Let me! :)



Unlike a few weeks ago, this morning I went to the closet with no idea what I wanted to wear to church.  As I perused my options, lo and behold, there was my black skirt.  The one I couldn't find when I wanted it.  The one that was not there two weeks ago.  I would swear my life on it. 

So I wore it.

The end.