I love books!

I write about three posts a day.

In my head.

But somehow I never get around to sitting down and typing them out.  I do have five really cute, good reasons, but nevertheless, I still wish I got a few more posts out of my head and onto my blog.

And now that I am sitting down to write, it's not so much the newsy, picture-filled post you might be hoping for.  Hopefully that's coming.

What you get is a little recommendation that you all head over to Janette Rallison's blog and enter to win a book.  She's giving one away every day until April 12th, when her latest work is released. 

You might remember me blogging about Janette Rallison before, and I'm still just a big a fan as I was then.  I  highly recommend everything I've ever read by her. 

So go.  Enter. 

But don't win. 

Let me! :)

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Janssen said...

Woohoo! I didn't know she had a new book coming out!