Since Louie was very little, she has always loved to sing.  We were not allowed to, (she would put up her hand and yell, "Dop! Dop ging-ging!") but as soon as we were quiet, she would sing nonsense words at the top of her lungs.
Now that her language has developed a little more, she sings real songs, but sometimes gets a little mixed up as to the words.

She has long loved "Wheels on the bus."  The other day she was singing it to herself and got some verses switched around.  My favorite was "The driver on the bus goes... Waa-waa-waa."  I don't know about you, but I would guess that some bus drivers feel that way now and again.

Though Christmas is long gone, she still sings "Oh Tannenbaum" any chance she gets.  When she first learned it she would sing "Oh cannon bomb."  I admit I was a little sad when she figured out the right words.

Mary Poppins is a perennial favorite at our house:

I especially enjoy her rendition of "atmosphere."  I'm not sure I could spell that if I tried.

You may or may not be familiar with Easter Hosanna, but the chorus goes "Hosanna! Blessed be the name of the most high God!" but she sings it "Hosanna!  Bessed be the name of the mo time djaw!" very enthusiastically.

I think there are other funny ones I was going to mention, but I don't recall at the moment. 

On an unrelated note, her "cheese" face of late has been quite special:




And one more of her "feeding" her babies, just because she's so cute!



So I know you all have been biting your nails eagerly awaiting news on whether or not our Easter outfits worked out.

They did.

As I mentioned, Ella's dress was a little big, but with a safety pin and cute cardigan, no one was the wiser.  (If only she would have kept the cardigan on...)  My skirt turned out perfectly, even the invisible zipper (installed using a normal zipper foot, since that's what I had). 

Unfortunately, my photographer wanted to get some close-ups of our faces (not sure why) and by the time those were achieved, the small ones were no longer interested in posing and I was not interested in posing alone, so no picture of me in my skirt. 
(I knelt for this one after several photos standing that I assumed were full-length. They weren't, so this is the best.  As you see, certain people have some trouble holding still.  )

And just for you, my skirt: 
Not half bad for flying by the seat of my pants and making up the patterns.  There are definitely things I would do differently next time, but overall, I love it!


TOT: Round 4

1. I frequently have to remind Morty and Ferdie that "Brothers are friends, not food."  I don't think they get it.

2. I walked in on this scene the other day.
In case you can't tell, Morty is fully sucking on Ferdie's thumb.

3. In the time it took me to grab the camera and snap a couple of pictures, Ferdie started screaming bloody murder.  When I pulled his thumb out of Morty's mouth, I noticed there were some serious bite marks.  He even broke the skin.  Yikes!

4. I decided to make Easter dresses for the girls.  I've finished Lou's but if I'm going to finish Ella's I'd better stop typing and go sew.

5. I'm closer, but still not done, but let us be grateful that A) ruffles are forgiving, 2) this dress is for a 5 year old who won't notice the imperfections, and D) it's a wrap style dress, so I can cover up the worst!

6. So I got it all but done during nap time, all but one button and one buttonhole, but I wanted to try it on her before finishing it up.  It's a good thing I did, because it's ginormous.  If I was nice I'd take it apart and redo it, but we'll make it work.

7. I figure, since it's a wrap dress, this just means it will fit longer, right?

8. We have some LEGO that the kids love to play with.  Louie mostly loves the stick.  I don't know what it's for, but it's a little stick about 3 inches long.  She uses it as a pencil.  The best part is that her /st/ sounds much more like /d/.

9. Back to Easter frockery: I intended to make myself a skirt, but I've never sewn a zipper (I'd never sewn a buttonhole before, either), and don't have the right foot for my sewing machine.

10. I guess we'll see if that stops me! :)


Funny girl

A week or so ago Louie woke up just as I was about to get in the shower.  As she was still half asleep, I laid her in my bed and proceeded to shower.  When I got out she had the lotion off my nightstand and was rubbing some onto her hands (and my bed, and my pillows, etc.).  I gently chastised her and put the lotion back where it belongs.

Then she pointed to my nightstand and said "I eat all you backstick."  I looked, and sure enough, she had opened both of the chapsticks sitting there and dug them out and eaten them.

Luckily she doesn't know how to twist them up, or she would have eaten a lot more.


10 on Tuesday: Round 3

1. I didn't blog last week because Tom was on spring break.  And as has been previously documented, I'm horrible about blogging when Tom is home.

2. I had really good intentions of posting, but as you might have noticed, I failed.  And now I don't even remember what I was going to post about.

3. My Unfair Godmother by Janette Rallison is out today.  I wish I had the disposible income to purchase scads of books, but I will be eagerly awaiting it at the library.

4. This also means that today is the last day of the giveaway.

5. Don't know if I mentioned it, but I did actually win a book!

6. Have you ever tried the needle trick?  Tom thinks it sounds like witchcraft.  I just think it's bizarre.  But how do you know when it's done?  Mine just keeps going and going.  Just now it gave me girl (check), boy (check), girl (check), twin boys (double check), girl, boy, girl, boy, girl, girl, girl, and then Rico came and asked me something so I put it down.  Hello!  That is twelve kids!  That's way more that I have ever even considered having!  And IT didn't stop, I did.

7. I've done it three or four times over the last week or so, and each time it has been the right on the first five with another girl, then boy, but that last one was the longest I've gone (and therefore the most kids).

8. To be completely honest, I don't know how many kids we'll have, but I don't feel like 5 is my number.  (I don't feel like 12 is, either.)  But when I get asked (all the time) (by complete strangers!) if we're done having kids, I don't have the guts to say "probably not."  I can tell the majority of askers expect me to say yes, but I don't think that's God's plan.  And I do think He has a plan.

9. Even when people I know ask, I dither.  I don't know if that's because I'm really not sure (because I'm not), or because I feel like it's expected we're done, or because I feel like it's a personal question to which they don't need to know the answer.

10. I finally got around to watching Food, Inc. Friday night and it was eyeopening.  And disturbing.  If you eat, I'd recommend it.  And I certainly hope you eat.