Since Louie was very little, she has always loved to sing.  We were not allowed to, (she would put up her hand and yell, "Dop! Dop ging-ging!") but as soon as we were quiet, she would sing nonsense words at the top of her lungs.
Now that her language has developed a little more, she sings real songs, but sometimes gets a little mixed up as to the words.

She has long loved "Wheels on the bus."  The other day she was singing it to herself and got some verses switched around.  My favorite was "The driver on the bus goes... Waa-waa-waa."  I don't know about you, but I would guess that some bus drivers feel that way now and again.

Though Christmas is long gone, she still sings "Oh Tannenbaum" any chance she gets.  When she first learned it she would sing "Oh cannon bomb."  I admit I was a little sad when she figured out the right words.

Mary Poppins is a perennial favorite at our house:

I especially enjoy her rendition of "atmosphere."  I'm not sure I could spell that if I tried.

You may or may not be familiar with Easter Hosanna, but the chorus goes "Hosanna! Blessed be the name of the most high God!" but she sings it "Hosanna!  Bessed be the name of the mo time djaw!" very enthusiastically.

I think there are other funny ones I was going to mention, but I don't recall at the moment. 

On an unrelated note, her "cheese" face of late has been quite special:




And one more of her "feeding" her babies, just because she's so cute!


Emily said...

Haha- we have a singer too! I'm very familiar with the "singing at the top of her lungs" thing. You know how a lot of kids narrate their play? Cassie does that, but she sings everything instead of just talking. I love Louie's versions of the lyrics! Much cuter than the originals.

Kristy said...

So. Adorable.

Alisha said...

Soo cute! She looks like such a Dudley in that last picture!