TOT: Round 4

1. I frequently have to remind Morty and Ferdie that "Brothers are friends, not food."  I don't think they get it.

2. I walked in on this scene the other day.
In case you can't tell, Morty is fully sucking on Ferdie's thumb.

3. In the time it took me to grab the camera and snap a couple of pictures, Ferdie started screaming bloody murder.  When I pulled his thumb out of Morty's mouth, I noticed there were some serious bite marks.  He even broke the skin.  Yikes!

4. I decided to make Easter dresses for the girls.  I've finished Lou's but if I'm going to finish Ella's I'd better stop typing and go sew.

5. I'm closer, but still not done, but let us be grateful that A) ruffles are forgiving, 2) this dress is for a 5 year old who won't notice the imperfections, and D) it's a wrap style dress, so I can cover up the worst!

6. So I got it all but done during nap time, all but one button and one buttonhole, but I wanted to try it on her before finishing it up.  It's a good thing I did, because it's ginormous.  If I was nice I'd take it apart and redo it, but we'll make it work.

7. I figure, since it's a wrap dress, this just means it will fit longer, right?

8. We have some LEGO that the kids love to play with.  Louie mostly loves the stick.  I don't know what it's for, but it's a little stick about 3 inches long.  She uses it as a pencil.  The best part is that her /st/ sounds much more like /d/.

9. Back to Easter frockery: I intended to make myself a skirt, but I've never sewn a zipper (I'd never sewn a buttonhole before, either), and don't have the right foot for my sewing machine.

10. I guess we'll see if that stops me! :)


Emily said...

Ha ha! The thumb-sucking picture is hilarious!

Chelsi Biehl said...

Way to go on the sewing. I think your frocks and skirts will turn out just great!