Now, lest you be confused by my last post, Sarah and family did not come just for my birthday.  Sadly, they came for the funeral of Zach's uncle.

The funeral was in Arizona, but as they were flying Space A, they couldn't be too choosy about their destination. After crashing for a day at my parents, they rented a car and drove the rest of the way.  But seeing as they also have five children, and cars are much cheaper to rent than vans, they opted for leaving their three oldest (6, 4, and 4) with my parents, while taking the 2 year old and three month old with them.

This means we had an unanticipated week of cousin fun!

Sarah and I were (are) such good friends growing up that's it fun to watch our kids enjoy each other as well.  Ella and Aly have a ball together (though as two "oldest" children, they can both be a little bossy), and Rico, Josh, and Isaiah play well together too.  Since Sarah took Elijah with her, I can only guess that he and Lou will hit it off, but the older kids were happy to include the little munchkin.  And all the babies are still to young to care.

Friday night my (very brave) dad took all three four-year-olds on a "father and son" camp out, while my (equally brave) mother had the older girls overnight for a "girl party."  They boys swung on a rope swing, roasted hot dogs and got filthy.  The girls painted their nails, put on make-up and made a cake.  Both groups had way too much fun.

Tom and I had a quiet evening with Lou (the babies were sleeping).  It was strange to just have one (or three).  Nice, but lonely. 

The worst part is always saying goodbye, and unlike their previous trips, this one was short.  Too short.  They left last night, and who knows when we'll see them again.

Thanks, Smiths, for a fun (if brief) visit!  We love you!


Momma Strain said...

I love your mom!

Sarah said...

we are still here..... :D Okay, Zach and Aly are gone but the rest of us were not able to get on the flight.... sooooo, do you want to play? :D