21 Day Challenge: Day 10

When I was in high school I wore button down shirt nearly every day. In college I discovered Old Navy's "Perfect Tee" and converted to t-shirts. Obviously, I still had a number of button down shirts, but I rarely wore them. Between pregnancy and nursing I wore them even less. (I really don't get the people who say that button shirts are great for nursing... I don't get it AT. ALL.)

When we moved into this house, we discovered that the closet in the master bedroom has 44 inches of hanging space.


And as Tom takes up more than half of it with his work clothes, my rarely worn button ups (meaning all of them) got relegated to the kids' closet. And then I wore them even less. If that were possible.

This particular shirt is one I've had since high school, I think it may have belonged to Sarah at one point, but I don't remember. Either way, I haven't worn it in eons. It feels rather fallish, but seeing as it rained all day yesterday and is partly cloudy today, I feel good about it.

The headband I made, and thought I would wear often. But I never do. I just can't figure out how to wear it without looking like a school girl.

Shirt: Dockers (OLD)
Undershirt: Shade
Pants: Gap
Cuff: Gift
Necklace: Mother-in-law, knotted (worn as bracelet here)
Flower and headband: Me
Shoes: Maurice's via eBay

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Janssen said...

I must nurse more like you do because button up shirts don't help me at all. Neither do stretchy necklines.