21 Day Challenge: Day 11

I think this is my favorite outfit so far.

Which is saying something, as I've like several of them.
Kayla's post about eShakti's sponsorship of the challenge was not the first time I'd heard of them. But I like $20 off as well as the next guy, so I perused their website again. I'm not one for paying full price for anything, so I was looking in their overstock section, where everything is cheaper. I saw this shirt and had to have it.

The blouse is way outside my comfort zone. I generally wear solids, but the print was so cheery. And I ordered a red skirt to go with it.

{Shirt: eShakti, Undershirt: Shade Clothing, Cardigan: Mossimo chopped by me, Skirt: GNW via ?, Belt: Wilson leather, Shoes: Candies via garage sale, Flower: Me (out of the belt that came with this skirt)}

Unfortunately, it was not as I expected. The fabric is stiffer than I though it would be, the neckline lower, and the ruffles, oh the ruffles.

I am not opposed to ruffles, but these ones make me look like a football player (and the stiffer fabric doesn't help). I attempted to tame them with a cardigan, which I like, but it is hot today (all the way up to the low 80's) (yes, I appreciate the fact that many of you won't consider that hot, at. all. What can I say? I'm a wimp with no air conditioning), so it won't last long. Plus, it still looked like I was wearing shoulder pads.

Which is not okay.

It's hard to tell from these pictures, but that second row of ruffle goes all. the. way. around my arm, as though it were trying to be a sleeve.

And failing.

I considered returning it, and the skirt (which is another story, thanks to my lack of a proper waist), but between the promo code, the shipping, the return shipping, and the fact that overstock items are not eligible for cash back, I decided it wasn't quite worth it.

The only thing I can think to do, is remove the second ruffle and try to fashion some sort of cap sleeve out of the material.

But that sounds like a lot of effort, so we'll see what happens.


Kassie said...

You look so great!!!
Love that top and the flower in your hair!

becoming teacher misty said...

I don't think you look like a football player. At all. I can see why it is your favorite outfit so far! Beautiful!

Amy said...

I love the shirt but I agree that the cardigan makes it look all the better. I'm jealous you're weather is in the low 80's, we're still in the 100's over here and I've about had it.

Saralyn said...

You're too hard on the shirt. It looks great! The cardigan tames it, but I think you could pull the look off without it.