21 Day Challenge: Day 13

My grandmother has a nativity set with only two wisemen. When asked about it, she has been known to reply, "I can't remember if they were sold out of the third one, or if he was dressed in orange." Either, in her mind, would be an equally valid reason not to own him.

I, however, currently am having quite the love affair with orange.

I had intended to use only orange to accent this outfit, but when I decided I wanted a ribbon belt, I couldn't find any orange, though I know I have some, somewhere. So I swapped out my earrings for yellow and added some green and red.

{Shirt: Hand-me-down from my [other] grandma, Pants: Victoria's Secret (?) via eBay, Shoes: myshoeshoppe.com
Collar: Lia Sophi, Pendant: Gift, Flowers: Me, Earrings: Ike & Co, Belt: random ribbon from my stash}

This is the first time I've tried a flower at my waist, and I think I like it. This particular flower is a little big for anywhere else.

Also, I know I've said before that I never tuck things in, and I never wear belts. Based on the outfits I've posted for this challenge, I can see you might have a hard time believing me (see belts: here, here, and here and tucked: here and both: here, here, and here, and obviously here). But prior to this challenge, I swear that was the case.


silvergirl said...

popping over from Freckles in April
couldn't help notice we both did the flower at the waist thing for this challenge.
great minds think alike!!

Salazar said...

Ooh, I love the belt flower!

14 Shades Of Grey

Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...

Loving how the challenge is making me think out of the box. Way fun!