21 Day Challenge: Day 16

I think this outfit looked better in pictures than in real life. The green shirt (remix!) was too long for the shirt tail to hang out, so I folded it up, and same with the sleeves. I love the look of a shirt/sweater over a button up in theory, but in practice it's always weird, maybe that's just me. I liked the look of the belt, but I should have just used it on my pants, since they are at least a full size too big. I think they are going to be retired. I loved the tie. I used Rico's so it would be nice and short. Loved. I'm pretty sure my kids thought I was crazy.

Ella took the picture (I think I broke my tripod, the camera just flops... not so good for taking pictures). I think she did pretty well for her first try. Also, Lou insisted on posing with me. For cute.
{Black shirt: Lady Hathaway via Costco, Green shirt (remix!): Calvin Klein via Costco, Pants: Old Navy
Belt: Tom's closet, Tie: Rico's closet, Shoes: Madden Girl via eBay}

I do love the shoes, though. They have such fun details. This is probably the first time I have worn full-on pumps with pants and I liked it.
And as for the hair, I've tried this before, but never so successfully. I have either a large head, or small headbands, because, while I was intending to wear the wrapped look most of the day, I couldn't even make it an hour before the headache started. Plus, I realized that I'd be meeting Ella's new teacher, and this wasn't quite the look I wanted to be sporting. I don't know if you can tell, but I actually did two rows of curls. It splits right behind my ears. Next time I'd make the top one smaller.
Since I was pulling it out early, I heated it with my blow dryer, let it cool and hair sprayed it before taking it down, and I ended up with some pretty nice looking curls. Wahoo!


silvergirl said...

cute twist on the tie and button down look
love the hair

------------------------------- said...

I love your model in training!!

Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...

Love the hair! And the look, looks very sharp!

The Mathews said...

LOVE the shoes!! You want to come help me with my wardrobe? I'd probably dress more if I left the house more. I'm just so lazy spending all day at home. Still in the 'sweats and sweatshirt' mode.