21 Day Challenge: Day 2

Today's prompt was to tuck it in.

I hate tucking things in. For several reasons.

For one, in my opinion, it has never looked good on me. I'm a middle figure, in that my waist is similar in size to my bust and hips, so the tuck just feels/looks bulky in an area where I don't need extra bulk.

Secondly, I've had five kids in the last six years, so regardless of my body type, my middle has yet to recover. Again with the extra bulk.

Also, I tend to wear higher rise pants, and I think shirts look better tucked in to lower rise pants. Or super high, I guess, but mine aren't that.

And finally, I'm still nursing. So tucking must de undone and redone multiple times a day. Gah.

BUT, despite my misgivings, I did it. And it's not like anyone will see me in real life, because, let's face it, I don't get out much.

Shirt: Lizwear via Costco
Undershirt: Shade Clothing
Pants: Victoria's Secret (?) via eBay
Necklace: Ike & Co
Earrings and flower: Me
Shoes: oh wait, remember that part where I don't get out much? Yeah, didn't bother with the shoes.

And I realized after looking at the pictures that this outfit is ridiculously similar to yesterday's. But it's not entirely my fault. These pants are the best option for tucking, as they are lower rise than my others. I should have picked a different undershirt. But there's always tomorrow.


Jamie said...

The flower you made is pretty! I love unexpected accessories like that. And your no shoes comment left me smiling. I'm totally with you on that one. =)

Saralyn said...

Too close to yesterday? When you have a good thing, why deviate too much! Looking great--casual and easy but very put together. I love it!