21 Day Challenge: Day 3

Apparently the goal this week is to get me out of my comfort zone.

Today's prompt is mixing patterns.

To begin with, I only own about 3 shirts with any pattern at all. Okay, make that 4, but I wore one of them yesterday. I've got a couple of patterned skirts, but nothing that would remotely look okay with any of my patterned shirts. So, I kind of copped out and used a patterned (albeit only slightly) scarf. But I'd like to point out that my shoes are patterned too.

(And yes, I realize I should have painted my toenails a different color. But at least they're painted.)

Shirt: Kersh via Costco (are you noticing a trend?)
Scarf: Shade Clothing
Belt: off a sweater I got as a hand-me-over from Tom's grandma.
Pants: Victoria's Secret (?) via eBay
Shoes: myshoeshoppe.com
Earrings: me


sarah said...

yep--hard one for me too....but at least it's over now.

Amy Lovell said...

You made your earrings? So fun. The outfit is great, too!

Jamie said...

I struggled a bit today, too. But I think you nailed it. Your outfit looks great. The earrings are pretty, too!

becoming teacher misty said...

So pretty! Love the colors!

Anonymous said...

I struggled with the same issues! My winter wardrobe has a lot more patterns than my summer, and my summer pieces just are not pattern-mixable. I love how your outfit turned out though!

Whitney said...

I like your combo so much I'm going to wear my striped shirt with my yellow print scarf- it's so classy looking!