21 Day Challenge: Day 4

While today's prompt was much more in my comfort zone (color block), I still tried to push my own boundaries, since this is, after all, a challenge.

So I went with shorts (which I rarely wear), the full tuck (which I NEVER do) and a belt (also very rare). Overall, I was quite pleased.

Shirt: Shade Clothing
Shorts: Dockers via Costco
Belt: Some random shop in Paris circa 2001
Shoes: Candies via a garage sale years ago (unworn! for $3!)
Watch: Pulsar via freecycle
Earrings: Ike & Co
Necklaces: Gifts

And let's pretend that my calves are not pasty white and mysteriously bruised, shall we?


Meagan said...

Cute! 5 kids in 6 years!? You look amazing!!!!

Janssen said...

I LOVE the shoes. What a steal!

Kayla said...

I'm so impressed that you pushed yourself outside your comfort zone like that. That's so awesome.

And I really love this color combo!

Beth said...

Cute! Love the colors and the earrings are awesome!

Salazar said...

Love the rust + blue color combo!

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