21 Day Challenge: Day 5

Today's prompt: belt it.

Um, yikes. I don't belt anything, because I feel like it draws more unwanted attention to my middle, much like tucking, discussed here. But because I don't do things half way, here we have it.

My first attempt at belting a cardigan. I like it, but doubt it will become a common occurrence, partly because of the annoyance when nursing. (Also much like tucking.) Also because I feel more self conscious of my love handles while wearing it.

On a side note, these jeans have a funny story. I moved home in the middle of my sophomore year of college. At the end of the year my roommates sent me these jeans, thinking they were mine, since no one else claimed them. They were not. Um, I don't buy anything in long. And they were a size (or two, depending on the month) too small. So I stuck them in my closet and hoped they would fit someday. Now they fit, but they are obviously still too long. And today when I put these shoes on I said to myself, "Self, this would look better with a skinnier leg (on the pants, though I'm sure I could use that to)." So I whipped out some bobby pins and temporarily made them skinny jeans.

My biggest problem today was taking a picture. Normally I take 5 or so, pick the best and I'm on my way. Today it was more like 30 and I didn't really love any of them. It was too close, too far, no head, no feet, no head again, weird face, hair flip, talking, out of focus, you get the picture.

Shirt: Shade Clothing
Cardigan: Mossimo sweater from forever ago that I cut down the middle
Belt: My dad? maybe?
Jeans: Gap via a long story (see above)
Shoes: Thrifted (unworn-I've had some good luck with thrifted shoes, let me tell you.)
Flower: Me
Necklace: Forever 21? Claire's? I have no idea
Earrings: Me and available in my shop


Laura said...

This is favorite outfit so far! You look fantastic. The belt actually accentuates your waist, it makes it look tiny! I I totally did that with a pair of jeans. Didn't want to buy skinny jeans, so I sewed up the legs of a pair of boot cut jeans, and BAM! New skinny jeans. (And they fit my calves. Which are large. Thanks Dad.)

Anyway, you look great.

Meredith said...

I like your flower pin :)

Eric & Hilary Rose said...

This is a great outfit! The flower pin is such a small detail, but adds so much to the overall styling!

Kristy said...

Um, CUTE! My favorite so far.

Jamie said...

This looks great! I love that you make cardigans out of regular shirts, too. I think I have seven of them! The flower is beautiful, too.

Saralyn said...

I will be stealing this look when school starts. It's very put together but still has whimsy. I love it!

sarah said...

love your 'fit. so cute, and your shoes are to die for.

Anonymous said...

You look so cute! I actually love the belt with that cardigan and it DOES not draw attention to your mid-section. It really polishes off the whole look!!!

The Mathews said...

Oh yeah!! Totally cute!! I've tried the belt thing and have yet need success. But I tell ya, you've got it looking good!!d