21 Day Challenge: Day 6

Get creative.

That was the prompt.

This coming from a girl who wears a skirt for a dress, dress for a skirt, and who knows what else and looks amazing doing it. Me, I'm really a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl.

Despite that, my other outfits have come together fairly quickly; just a tweak here, an addition there.

But today? Um, yikes.

I had in my head some vague idea that I'd use one of my skirts as a dress with something over/under it, but hadn't really firmed up the idea when the time came to get dressed.

I grabbed this pink paisley skirt and while it was not long enough to be a dress, I tucked it in and thought it made a reasonably nice shirt. But I could not, for the life of me, figure out how to complete the look. I tried a couple shirts over, couple of sweaters over, a couple of shirts under. I tried belted, not belted. Nothing looked right. I even tried making a scarf into a shrug of some sort, but it really didn't work out.

I finally settled for a cardigan, only to change my mind and go with one of the under options. But I wasn't loving it, and it was really too warm for today.

Finally, I thought of the demin jacket I wore on day 1. (I should have chosen that to be my remix item, but that would have been a little too easy.)

It was perfect.

I added a necklace, a necklace as a bracelet, a necklace as a headband, and a necklace as earrings. Okay, just kidding about that one, they are just plain old earrings.

Also, Tom has my camera and phone, so I experimented with photobooth. Not too shabby, but not great, either.

Skirt as shirt: New York City Design Co. via some random giveaway online
Jeans: St. John's Bay via craigslist
Jacket: Gap via Lisa
Belt: who knows via Lisa
Necklace and earrings: Gift, purchased in Okinawa
Necklace-as-bracelet: Hand-me-down from my mother-in-law
Necklace-as-headband: me (in use as necklace here)
Shoes: not pictured, because I'm not wearing any.


Lisa C said...

I love seeing my jacket and other things show up :) I need to check out your site because I love the headbands and other accessories you make and now that I have short hair, I may have more use for them! The belt, by the way, came with a coat I got sometime in High School at some place like the Deb or something. I love that you can keep it alive!

Sarah in Indiana said...

Way to get creative! I would never have guessed your shirt is a skirt. With the jean jacket and necklace as a bracelet, it kind of makes me think of an 1980s Madonna look. And she was all about wearing clothing unconventionally, so I think you nailed it.

Peggy said...

Wow a skirt? Looks great. Your family is absolutely adorable!! I have twins too! Had them when our son was 17 months. So much fun. My twins are now 11!! Time flies! I love seeing the happy pics of your kiddos! Brings back good memories.

Kristy said...

Nelli, you NEED to teach me how to make those flowers. You are beautiful.

allie said...

I never would have thought that top was a skirt! I love your creative pieces :)