21 Day Challenge: Day 7

Or: in which I confess to working ahead of schedule.

And I've been working a day ahead the whole challenge. So while you're reading this on Sunday, this is what I wore grocery shopping on Saturday.

Layering accessories is a little new to me. I mean, sure, sometimes I wear multiple bracelets, but that's about the extent of it. I tried it with necklaces today, but it didn't work like I wanted to with the neckline of my (remixed) shirt. Nothing terrible, but not quite what I was hoping for and a little busy looking. I'll try again, I'm sure.

Shirt: Calvin Klein via Costco (remixed)
Undershirt: Shade Clothing
Shorts: Dockers via Costco
Shoes: Steve Madden (thrifted, practically new)
Bangles and turquoise bracelets: Gifts
Faux-diamond bracelet: Random shop in Paris circa 2001
Turquoise necklace: Lia Sophia
Other necklace: Claire's maybe?
Earrings: Giveaway on Salsa Pie
Hair clip: me again


Ali said...

I LOVE how those necklaces look together. Way to be a day ahead!

Natalie said...

I think it works! and the bracelets really work!

I'm a day ahead too. It is easier to take the pictures and have them ready to post.