21 Day Challenge: Day 8

As my "little black dress" is very much NOT nursing friendly, I went with a little black skirt and shirt with pearls. That's about as fancy as things get around here. Then I threw on my denim jacket with a bright pink flower and called it good to go.

Shirt: Shade Clothing
Skirt: Mikarose via Costco
Shoes: who knows?
Earrings, necklace, bracelets: Tres Chic Boutique
Jacket: Old Navy
Flower and hair clip: Me


Emily's Going Nuts said...

I love all of those pearls!! So classic!

Eric & Hilary Rose said...

i love your rose pendent - it adds a really nice pop of color to your outfit.

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The Mathews said...

You've always had great style. How you put simple things together and make it all classic, I'll never figure out... Put you have that amazing skill, and I love it!

silvergirl said...

love pearls and denim
i think you did great