21 Day Challenge: Day 9

As tempting as it was to wear shades of gray and black as my monochrome, I went with blue. While yes, jeans are practically neutral, the shirt is essentially a closet orphan and I rarely wear the bracelet and necklace (despite my undying love for them).

And I'll have you know, even my eye shadow is blue. And so is (are?) the inside of my glasses.

Blue linen shirt (in need of an ironing): Old Navy
Undershirt: Shade Clothing
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Qupid via myshoeshoppe.com
Necklace and bracelet: by me from a beaded candle holder
Ring: who knows, possibly a gift
Watch (with a blue face): Pulsar


Amy said...

the the blue denim look!

Whitney said...

This is one of my favorite and classic looks!