Answered prayer

{Disclaimer: This post is of a very feminine nature. For those readers in possession of a Y chromosome, be aware that you may wish you had not read this. Of course it is up to you, I am posting it on the world wide web after all, but consider yourself warned.}

As you may recall, my body is quite capable of lactating and menstruating at the same time. While this is, naturally, annoying, it is at the same time very reassuring. Reassuring me that I am not pregnant. Which is a good thing when you have a baby young enough to be nursing.

Despite my history of early menstruation, I was not surprised when my cycle did not pick right back up after the twins were born. I was, after all, nursing two babies, which requires a little more effort. But lately I've been feeling a little off. I've been craving sweets more than usual, and despite regular exercise and not eating sugar, I've been slowly and steadily gaining weight. (And I do mean  s l o w l y, but still, gaining is gaining.)

So without that annoying reassurance, (and despite *ahem* precautions) I've begun to worry that I might be pregnant. Since I don't get morning sickness (yes, you have my permission to hate me) to tip me off, I was almost to the point of buying a pregnancy test.

But I don't like wasting money, and it really seemed unlikely that anything would come of it.

So Sunday night in my prayer before bed, I mentioned my concern to my Heavenly Father. I asked for reassurance that I was not pregnant, but asked that if I was somehow, that I would be inspired to take action to discover it.

And Monday morning, I started.

Even though I'm still nursing twins. And I'm okay with it.


mrs. olson said...

That is so funny. I never got morning sickness until this pregnancy, number 4! Lame!

Bethany said...

I always read into every symptom that might possibly indicate pregnancy--especially when I don't really want to be pregnant :) Glad you got a quick answer (even though periods kind of suck).

Melanie said...

Dollar store (Dollar Tree rather)pregnancy tests actually work! Just an FYI for future use :D

------------------------------- said...

I am going to second Melanie - a dollar store pregnancy test accurately predicted Carter.


Valerie said...

With my twin boys.. I believe mine didn't come until boys were 8 months. I loved it! (very blessed event!) I was surprised that it held off that long because I was nursing and pumping. So jealous with the no morning sickness.. Ugh that was horrible but I'd do it again for another. Funny how that works!

The Mathews said...

I go to the dollar store to get the pregnancy test. Only a dollar and they are the exact same sticks they use at the Dr's office.