Moving forward

Morty and Ferdie, that is.

They had been happily rolling about for months, covering plenty of territory, but slowly.

Now? Not so much in the slow department.

Ferdie was first, though we expected Morty to take off long before Ferdie. Mostly because he (Morty) was constantly up on hands and knees rocking and always moving while Ferdie was content to lie about doing nothing, having his toys and entertainments delivered.

But, to our surprise, Ferdie was the first to figure out the squirm, as I call it. It would be generous to call it an army crawl, and it looked more like slow swimming than anything else. However, both have now perfected it, and it can now be rightly call an army crawl. I have to keep them in long pants and long sleeves, or their poor elbows and knees get quite the ridiculous rug burn.

There is nothing (on the floor) that they cannot and do not get into. They most especially like it when we the kids leave paper or books lying about. They also adore the laundry room and all its exciting contents (dirty diapers!) and the bathroom (when the door gets left open--Lou!).

And for your visual pleasure, let's play a little game called "Guess Who?" This is the only time (other than their baby blessing) that they have been dressed identically. In fact, Tom didn't even know we had two of these sleepers because I stuck one in a diaper bag as emergency back up. (And, for the record, the kids had no problem determining who was who. Except Lou, but I never expected her to.)


mrs. olson said...

They are so adorable!!!

Amy said...

Such cuteness!

The Mathews said...

Super cute!

I'd guess who is who, but I haven't seen them grow, so there is no way I could tell the difference.

Alisha said...

So cute! Do you not dress them alike out of principle or just because you have hand-me-downs from brother?

Anonymous said...

So, I'm quite proud, I've been pretty consistent at being able to tell them apart, and I would say that It's, oh man, I don't know your fake names straight... well, you'll just have to believe that I CAN TELL!