What I should have done

Four years ago, if you want to know.

When we moved into our house, we quickly noticed that the key to the deadbolt on the back door was not to be had. {As a side note, our house is sideways to the road. The front door is on the east, the road on the south, the carport and back door on the west. We ALWAYS use the back door.} The deadbolt and knob on the front door used the same key as the knob on the back, but the back deadbolt was different; our key wouldn't even go in.

This meant that while the deadbolt remained locked while we were home, when we left, only the knob was locked. If we wanted the extra security of the deadbolt, we would have to lock it from the inside, then go out through the front and around the house to the car. This would then need to be repeated in reverse when we returned home.

It was an annoyance, and we toyed with the idea of replacing the knob and deadbolt with a pair that matched, but it never seemed worth the expense. Even though knowing from experience how easy it is to break in to our house made me a little uncomfortable.

There was one time when I went out (to the temple, maybe?) while Tom stayed home with the kids. When I came home, I found that he had locked the deadbolt and gone to bed. I went to try the front door, but the screen door was also locked, and I didn't have a key to that with me. I had to resort to calling him from the neighbor's house, as I didn't have a phone with me. 

Nevertheless, it remained.

It occurred to me some time ago that we could just swap the deadbolts on the front and back doors. That would mean we couldn't open the front door with a key, but as we never use it, that would not be a problem. We talked about doing it from time to time, but never took the time.

Finally, the other day (Friday, maybe?) while Tom was at work, I grabbed a screwdriver and swapped them. The swap took all of five minutes, give or take. Unfortunately, something was not lined up ideally, so it was amazingly hard to lock or unlock the deadbolt inside the back door, and nigh unto impossible with a key.

I unscrewed the strike plate, and tried repositioning it. Eventually, after busting out the hammer (when in doubt, give it a few good whacks with a hammer), I was able to freely lock and unlock the door, inside or out.

I should have done it the week we moved in. It is nice to know that our doors are securely locked whether or not we're home, and without such inconvenience.

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Beth said...

When I first started reading this post, I was very afraid that you learned the hard way that you wanted a deadbolt on the back door, so I am SO glad that all is well and that you were able to make such a helpful fix :)