21 Day Challenge: Day 19

This hat is my go-to "I didn't shower yet today" hat. Which is a fact, since I have to get Ella to school (sad) and haven't gotten a work out in yet. So on goes the hat.
Of course, I do occasionally wear it when I have showered, but quite frankly I had forgotten about it of late.

I found this hat as I was helping my mom sort through the storage room. I found it in one of the costume boxes, though I had never seen it before in all my years of looking through those boxes, so I have no idea where it came from. I promptly adopted it. It's a little too big to wear correctly, but fits nicely turned to one side (I have no idea why). The inside says it's a Greek fisherman's hat, made in Greece. So that's all I know.

{Shirt: Calvin Klein via Costco (remix #4!), Undershirt: Shade Clothing, Pants: Victoria's Secret (?) via eBay
Denim Jacket: Old Navy, Shoes: Prima Royale via eBay, Hat: my parents' costume box}

And while we're here, can I just sing my undying love for these shoes? I've been a loafer girl since at least 8th grade. I love me some chunky loafers. These might just be my favorites, ever. I love them. Oh, wait, did I already say that?

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silvergirl said...

cute little hat
and love the little story of how came upon it