21 Day Challenge: Day 21

As you may recall, I've been a day ahead this whole challenge, but while I got dressed and photographed my outfit yesterday for today's post, I didn't feel like it was my best effort. Don't get me wrong, I loved the outfit, but it was very similar to another one, and it didn't feel as much of a stretch as I wanted it to.

So I did a do-over.

Because I can.

Also, I wanted to get these shoes in one more time. 

This shirt was given to me by my grandma. She bought it for herself, but decided that she didn't "fill it out" as well as she wanted to, and handed it down (up?) to me. I do, indeed, fill it out better than she did, she was quite a little lady. As much as I loved it, I never could bring myself to wear it. It takes a lot of confidence, and that was confidence I didn't have. Plus, Tom doesn't so much like it.

It has been in the donate pile more times than I can count. But I always fish it back out for one last try before giving it away. Last time I rescued it from the donate pile, I stuck it in the kids' dress up stuff and they love wearing it as a robe. But when I tried to think up a killer outfit I decided I needed to give this top one last chance.

Since it's such a statement on it's own, I tried to keep everything else simple. White skirt and undershirt, simple earrings. I splurged with the red shoes, since they match so nicely. (And I love them so darn much.)

I still really love it. I felt way more confident in it than I have before, thanks to this challenge.

I think the kids would disown me if I reclaimed it from the dress up box, though I'll definitely pull it out on occasion.

{Top: CAbi, from my grandma, Undershirt: Shade Clothing, Skirt (should have been my remix item for as often as I've worn it recently): GNW via who knows where, Shoes: thrifted, Earrings: gifted from my mother-in-law}

For ease of nursing and unconventionality, I almost wore a BellaBand as a tube top underneath it. I like the straight neck line that gives, and it makes nursing a breeze, but the precarious modesty that it provided under this top was not adequate for holding a squirming baby (or two) during three hours of church meetings. 

That was a wise choice. You should thank me.


mrs. olson said...

It looks so cute! I should've done this challenge!

Amy said...

I love that your kids play dress up in that shirt and you're wearing it today! So awesome.

Kristy said...

Oh Nelli! THIS is my favorite outfit of all! You seriously look amazing in prints. Good work.

Sarah in Indiana said...

You look gorgeous! You gould definitely dig that short out of the dress-up box from time to time. Oh, the shoes! Fab!

Sarah in Indiana said...

Shirt, of course, not short.

DLHardy said...

best money I've ever spent on those shoes! I love you girl!