Some before-and-afters

At one point, my mother-in-law offered us some of her old throw pillows that were no longer being used. As a fan of throw pillows, and not owning any, I said sure. They were old and worn out, but as they are easy to recover, I tossed them on the couch, planning to get around to it "someday."

Well, as you may guess, someday was a long time in coming. And so they sat on our couch looking mighty sad. They looked even more pathetic once I picked up some red ones to go along. The contrast was very obvious.

You'll notice the fuzzy, velvety stuff was all but worn off, but at least the colors worked.

I couldn't decided what color I wanted to go with, and with five kids, I don't get out much, and the fabric store is rarely at the top of my list.

So they continued to sit.

Meanwhile, the roman shade in the babies' room had reached the end of it's useful life. My father-in-law installs draperies for a living, and this was one he had had on hand. We put it up as a black-out shade, but it wasn't quite the right size for the window, and really didn't match the room at all. Beside that, the rings were all coming off the back and the cord was getting super tangled.

So, in a fit one day, I pulled it down.

And realized the fabric matched the couch famously. So I chopped it up and recovered the pillows. The fabric was slightly different on the front and back, so I made the pillows with different sides. I sewed a simple square, crammed the old pillows in, and stitched them up.

Perfect. (Pathetically, I did this back in March, and have been meaning to blog about it since then. Better late than never, right?)

There were also a couple of red throw pillows that ended up on our bed. They were, in a word, pathetic. The color was nice, but the seams were tearing out. I restitched them several times in several places, but there was always another hole.

I was at Walmart several weeks (months?) back, and found some great fabric. I bought it and even got it all cut out, but then it sat in my craft drawer.

And sat.

And sat.

So today, I pulled it out. Again with a simple square that took all of maybe five minutes. This time I ripped open the old pillows and transferred the stuffing to the new ones. The rectangle pillow is a normal bed pillow that I folded in half and stitched. It only had a standard pillowcase on it, so I made a cover for it as well.

And since I was changing things up, I finally hung the frames that I filled months ago.

It seems like such a little thing, but makes such a big difference!


Stephanie said...

Love love love them!

Beth said...

Awesome! Great job. Really love the bedroom ones. Looks great!

DLHardy said...

You are amazing girl! I think the shades make much better pillows.... but what are you doing for darkness in the boys room?