So I had every intention of keeping up a fairly regular posting schedule once the 21 day challenge was over. As you see, that failed.

Oh well.

I'm trying to convince myself that there are seasons to life and this is just not my blogging season, but I'm pretty sure I can't just quit. So instead you get irregular, infrequent posts, full of randomness.

Lucky you.

I'm out a running partner again. She decided to start going later with her husband. Somehow, she likes him better than me. Go figure.

I used to be great at getting up and going on my own, but it's been a challenge of late to drag myself out of bed at 5:15am. (And no, I'm not expecting.) I've been averaging about once a week, and that's just not cutting it.

I really do enjoy running once I'm out there, but I need the motivation of someone waiting for and expecting me to pull me out of my cozy slumber.

Any volunteers?




(Okay, I haven't actually seen that movie.)

But, moral of the story is that I need to find some motivation to actually get out of bed in the morning before my adorable little alarm clocks get up. And it would be most advantageous if that motivation involved getting in some exercise, since it doesn't so much happen once the crazies are awake.

If you have any genius ideas, send them this way, I'd love to hear them!

(And if you do want to volunteer {and you're local--sorry Sarah, it's not going to work out!} let me know! I'm totally flexible as to locations and days, though I have to be home by 6:30 or so.)


Lisa C said...

I'd be up for another fitness/health challenge if you want to do one. Would it be motivating to you to try to beat me?

The Mathews said...

You've never seen Ferris Bueller? **gasp** And I thought you were a movie buff! Or is that just Disney?

I can relate... I've always had a tough time getting motivated to run/walk/jog. When I lived a block from Green Lake, it was easy. But since... Living in Shoreline, there's no sidewalks to take my baby in the stroller. And there's no way I'm motivated to wake up at 5am to go out in the cold... Brrr!

I wish you the best of luck on finding a partner!!

Bekah said...

I can so relate to this! The early morn is the ONLY time I can find to work out, but it's so hard to get my tired behond out of bed, especially because Cora is still not always sleeping through the night. But I found something that's working. I've worked out 5 or 6 mornings a week for the last 3 weeks. Our house is a 2 story with all the bedrooms upstairs. I've been sleeping in my workout clothes and setting my alarm clock DOWNSTAIRS. It took me a few days to find a place where I would actually be able to hear it, but I have, and it works. By the time I'm downstairs, I'm awake enough to turn off the alarm, put on my socks and shoes, pull my hair up (I leave all these things by my alarm clock) and work out.

You're amazing, Janelle! I think about you sometimes when I'm going nuts with 3 kids, knowing you have 5 and that your oldest is not much older than mine. I love your blog and your recent fashion series. One day, when I have an expendable income (that will happen one day, right?), I want to buy stuff from your shop! Good luck with everything, and hurray for weaning! I'll start that process next month, and I'm done, too! ;)