So here's the dilemma. Remember when I posted about the new pillows I made for my bed?

I still love them.

But I neglected to take into account the fact that during the winter I add a fleece blanket over the bedspread, and it's not so much going to work.

Like really not going to work.

So I'm looking at making some slipcovers (since I do still love them) for the fall/winter. My room is completely neutral (white walls, black frames, dark olive drapes, you get the idea) so as long as they match the blanket, we're good.

What color(s) would you suggest?


Beth said...

I think that a nice burnt orange color or pattern would look good. Goes with the season, but not too over the top!

Emily said...

I'm a big fan of dark red...goes great with greens. Also, I love black and white damask, but I'm not sure that would look as nice.

Lisa C said...

I'm not very artsy, but I say a rust color. I guess that's similar to Beth, so if it is a bad idea, at least I'm not the only one :)

Katie said...

I'd go with some form of pink, could be pastel, or it could be bright, or even a darker, richer shade.

But, that's me!

Carol said...

Why don't you put the fleece blanket under the bedspread? Aside from that, I'm a big fan of chocolate brown right now, but probably not so great with the black and white in your room. So those are my entirely unhelpful suggestions.

Grant said...

Easy solution:

Put the fleece under your other blanket!!!!

This way you save yourself making new slip covers and the dilemma of what color to make them. Your colors already work together and you can just enjoy them year round :)

I know, it takes a MAN to think of such a brilliant solution ;)

If you insist on doing new slip cover then my first idea (without looking at other people's suggestions) is a dark autumn red :)