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More than you wanted to know about our Halloween costumes

I had every intention of posting this yesterday, but... well, better late than never, right?

This was the first year that I've really made plans for Halloween. Rico decided in early September that he wanted to be Buzz, and that just sent my mind whirring. Ella quickly decided that she needed to be Jessie, and Tom makes the perfect Woody. My mom has a dress that could work for Bo Peep and would fit me perfectly, so the plans were made. The only question was what to do with the younger three. I suggested a sheep or Mrs. Potatohead to Louie, but she decided she wanted to be Cinderella. As my mom has a Cinderella dress her size in her dress-up box, I didn't argue. The babies, I thought, could easily be aliens.

So now for the costumes. I do enjoy being crafty, but I never had it in my head to full-on make every costume, nor did I want to shell out big bucks for cheapy store-bought ones if I could help it. Thanks to my mom, Lou and I were covered. We have a friend with a Buzz costume from a couple of years ago that I knew would fit Rico, so that was easy-peasy.

Now for Woody, Jessie and a couple of aliens.

After checking out pictures online, I figured the best option for aliens would be hats. The aliens wear blue (we have plenty of that) and the most distinguishing features are their ears, head bobble-y thing (what do you call that?) and three eyes. I got a green fleece sweater at a thrift store, chopped it up, whipped up some top knot hats, added eyes and called it good.

The only problem was they would not keep them on. Hence the arm pinning and blur. Oh well, it was cute while it lasted. (And yes, Ferdie's shirt is on backwards because it had a design on the front and I wanted plain...)

For Jessie, I knew I had some cow print fabric in a box, so I made some chaps, embellished a shirt with some yellow fabric, and spray painted a straw hat. I even wrapped the rim in florists' wire so I could shape the brim to be more "cowboy-ish." The wig I made with red yarn roughly following this tutorial (though if you'll notice I used white tights, as opposed to nude [because that's what we had], which was a bad choice).

She was thrilled.

Tom's costume was easy. With a discarded white shirt, I dyed and sharpie-ed to Woody perfection. (I took it in quite a bit on the sides, too. Dress shirts billow on this man like nothing else.) I made a vest with the rest of the cow print fabric and another white shirt to line it. Add some jeans, a hat, and red hankerchief and we were in business.

I really wanted to get a nice family group shot, but that didn't happen. Since the babies wouldn't keep their hats on unless their arms were pinned, we did the best we could to capture everyone. Add a sick little girl to the mix (Ella-she's had a fever since Thursday night), and you do the best with what you have! (Also, ignore the fact that Louie is not dressed up. The Cinderella dress is covered in glitter, and as she didn't request it, we didn't pull it out. She got to wear it for a little while on Friday while I took Rico to the ward Halloween party.)

I was more than a little flattered when Tom said that this will be his go-to costume from here on out.