Call me Scrooge

Or maybe the Grinch.

I've seen this story floating around facebook today. If you haven't seen it yet, take a moment and read it, then come on back and read what I have to say.

Let me start by saying I'm all for helping out people in need (around the holidays, or any time). I'm glad that there are people out there in the giving spirit helping kids have a merry Christmas. I don't want to down-play their generosity.

However, my first and most prevalent after reading the article was: "What four-year-old needs $200 worth of toys?" I honestly don't think we've spent that much on toys for all five of our kids combined. And I'm not talking about Christmas this year.

I'm talking about ever.


And my kids have plenty of toys.

Sure, some of their toys are second-hand. Sure, they've gotten plenty of toys as gifts from grandparents and others. And yes, I am probably exaggerating, especially if you include books and movies. But I can't fathom spending $200 on toys for a four-year-old. For one occasion.

Is it just me? Am I a hard-hearted villain straight out a child's story? Or does that seem exorbitant to anyone else?

{In a similar vein, I've always had a hard time with "Toys for Tots" drives that specify "new" toys. I'm sorry. I'd love to donate, but my own kids are getting thrift-store treasures for Christmas. Why is that not good enough for other kids?}


almost 14 months in the making

I've been meaning to write this post for a while. Quite a while.

You see, after Morty and Ferdie were born... wait, I need to back up a little further.

As you may recall, when I was in labor with the twins, (all. day. long.), I had to stay on my left side. Once the drugs wore off and I could use my legs, I noticed that a large area of my left thigh was all tingly-numb, like it was still asleep. I had full use of it, but the surface was not normal.

I asked the anesthesiologist about it, and he had two theories: either more of the epidural drug had settled into that leg (since I was on my left side all day), or a nerve had been pinched during delivery. Either way, he said, I should get the feeling back within a couple days. The longest he had heard of was 3 months, but that was unlikely.

People, I still don't have normal feeling in my left thigh.

The area is smaller, and certainly closer to normal, but we're talking about a patch the size of my (fairly large) hand that is still tingly-numb to touch. It doesn't affect my life, or the use of my leg, but it's just not right.

Should I write to the anesthesiologists and let them know, just for future reference?


Open to Interpretation

Because I am apparently a follower, I'm linking up with Kayla for Open to Interpretation today.

Freckles in April OTI

She, Amy and Erica do this regularly, but opened it up to general participation today, and I jumped on the bandwagon.

Click over to her site to see the inspiration outfit. Here's my take on it.

{Hat: made by me, Sweater: Sonoma hand-me-down, Shirt: Kersh via Costco, Jeans: Gap, Shoes: Lands' End}

A couple thoughts on my take.  A: I should have put on make-up. And a smile. 2: I wish I had red pants. Or pretty much anything other than neutral. Alas, it's jeans or khakis over here. These jeans are the same ones from here. I skinnified them (seen here and here) and recently hemmed them, but I think it's time to give up on them. They are now a full size too big, the knees are too low (since they were so long and must have been owned by someone very tall), and they look awkward. And D: I need to take the sweater in. I love it, but it is baggy! In these pictures I have it clipped behind my back. Time to bust out the sewing machine!


A song (and some links) for you

It's no surprise that I like Christmas music.

Both my brother and husband have despaired at making me wait until after Thanksgiving to start listening. But I don't let that bother me!

This year, I have a new favorite song.

Now, my favorites are usually (and continue to be) Christ-centered, since He is the reason for the season, but this one by Straight No Chaser just grabbed me.

So much better than the original.

And some of their other (more Christ-centered) songs are excellent as well.