almost 14 months in the making

I've been meaning to write this post for a while. Quite a while.

You see, after Morty and Ferdie were born... wait, I need to back up a little further.

As you may recall, when I was in labor with the twins, (all. day. long.), I had to stay on my left side. Once the drugs wore off and I could use my legs, I noticed that a large area of my left thigh was all tingly-numb, like it was still asleep. I had full use of it, but the surface was not normal.

I asked the anesthesiologist about it, and he had two theories: either more of the epidural drug had settled into that leg (since I was on my left side all day), or a nerve had been pinched during delivery. Either way, he said, I should get the feeling back within a couple days. The longest he had heard of was 3 months, but that was unlikely.

People, I still don't have normal feeling in my left thigh.

The area is smaller, and certainly closer to normal, but we're talking about a patch the size of my (fairly large) hand that is still tingly-numb to touch. It doesn't affect my life, or the use of my leg, but it's just not right.

Should I write to the anesthesiologists and let them know, just for future reference?


heidikins said...

Um, yes. You should. Have you ever mentioned it to a doctor before? If not, um, yeah, you probably should.


Amber said...

If you know the anesthesiologist (like you actually remember his name) you could. He might have some ideas or maybe he will want to write you up as a case report.

Melanie said...

Janelle, I had the same exact thing! Not from labor, but many years ago my foot got run over with a car. Nothing broken, no major injury, I never went to the doctor, but I had a numb spot... I don't remember exactly how long it lasted, but it was at least 2-3 years! It's completely better now! Not sure if that makes you feel better or not :p

Emily said...

Craziness! Does it bother you all the time, or can you forget about it? My dentist grazed a nerve when he was taking out my wisdom teeth and I don't have complete feeling on the right side of my face, but it doesn't really affect my life at all. I only notice once in a while.

------------------------------- said...

I would. Then, he can tell the next lady that it may last over a year.


Beth said...

I had that problem with Jack because I had to stay on my right side, but mine was back to normal after a couple days. I would definitely call the doctor (or a doctor) because maybe they can do something or at least tell you it's okay...