A song (and some links) for you

It's no surprise that I like Christmas music.

Both my brother and husband have despaired at making me wait until after Thanksgiving to start listening. But I don't let that bother me!

This year, I have a new favorite song.

Now, my favorites are usually (and continue to be) Christ-centered, since He is the reason for the season, but this one by Straight No Chaser just grabbed me.

So much better than the original.

And some of their other (more Christ-centered) songs are excellent as well.


Linda said...

Funny, I was listening to Pandora yesterday and stopped to take note of the artist on another song and it was Straight No Chaser.

Linda said...

Oh, and Vocal Point does this version too.

------------------------------- said...

They are singing in Seattle on Wednesday!!! I am so excited. I really love Straight No Chaser!