Today's prompt of "embrace a trend" was a bit hard for me. (Sorry for the complaining.) I mean, I'm okay trying out new trends in theory, but it kind of requires having trendy pieces in your closet. Glancing at Kayla's list of ideas was a strike-out for me.

Winged eye-liner? been doing it for 3 years, hardly new.
Ballerina bun? love it, but I just cut my hair, and I don't think I can pull it off currently.
Neon? don't own any.
Skinny jeans? don't have any, nor do I have any alteration candidates, or time to alter them.
Dots? love them, don't have any.

Then I remembered this cardigan I picked up at Goodwill a couple of weeks ago. It's close to neon. I added some stripes (they were on the list as a dying trend), a belt (not on the list, but a trend in my book) and orange (along with my winged eye liner) and called it good. I even busted out the tripod and got a blurry picture for you all to appreciate! :)

{shirt: Kersh via Costco; cardigan: thrifted; jeans: hand-me-down; shoes: Land's End, watch: eBay, belt: hand-me-down}

Come to think of it, a bright orange slap watch is pretty trendy in my book, so I'm calling this a job well done. 


Kayla said...

I think stripes will always be on trend. And the green and orange are perfect!

Freckles in April

Rebecca from See Me Rwar said...

I love your fun colors! That watch is so fabulous!

See Me Rwar

The Mathews said...

I'm loving the 'poppin' green and orange together

Faith said...

I love those shoes!! Such a fun color!

Rose said...

These colors are awesome together!

Anonymous said...

The belt looks better on you than it ever did on me...
though I do believe that it went well with a particular pair of pin-stripped pants...