She's scary

I'm not going to lie, I had a hard time thinking of things that scare me. Well, at least, things that scare me that I haven't already tackled for this challenge or the last.

Red lipstick? Check.
Full skirt? Check.
Belt over clothes? Check, checkcheck.
Skinny jeans? Check-ish. But I still don't own any real ones.
Mixed patterns? Double check.
Flats? Check, check, check.
Shorts? Double check.
Heels with pants? Check (times about 5, several linked to that post).
Fully tucked shirt? Check, checkity-check.

So, it came down to this.

The first fashion rule that I glommed onto as a teenager was to never mix brown and black. As in a black belt with brown shoes, or black shoes and brown purse, etc. As I wore a leather belt daily and frequently carried a purse, I was sure to always have those three coordinated, and indoctrinated my family thoroughly.

I even mentioned here that this was one rule I wasn't ready to break.

I'm okay with large amounts of both in an outfit (ie: black shirt and brown pants), or patterns that incorporate both (ie: animal prints) but mixing it up in small amounts still scares me.

So, today, I did it.

I don't wear a belt as a general rule anymore, so I had to find something else small to bring in the second color.

So black shoes and gray shirt, (brown and gray is scary too, since gray is just light black,) brown flower and buttons on my scarflette/neck warmer.

{Regulation jeans, Merona top, Gap jacket, Doc Marten's loafters, neck warmer and flower by me}

I realized long after dressing that the entire outfit was free. The top, jeans, and jacket came from various others, the shoes were a warranty replacement for a pair of sandals that fell apart, and the neck warmer and flower were handmade with things I had around the house. Not too shabby if you ask me!


Courtney said...

that neckwarmer is super cute!


Nicole said...

There is nothing about your outfit that would have made me think twice. I think it all looks really great together.

Earle-girl said...

Looks so good all put together!

Momma Strain said...

black and brown are "back in" I dont know if they ever were "in" but apparently now they DO go together... I'm still not convinced LOL. I'm with you on "the rule". I still cannot use a brown purse and black shoes. Thus the reason why 90% of my shoes are brown and my purses are brown. HAHA!

Carol said...

I hope the title of your post was a reference to "While You Were Sleeping" because I love that movie. And "black underwears."