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Now, all my kids enjoy make-believe, or pretend play. Ella and Rico have been known to come up with (mostly Ella) and play out elaborate stories that go on for days. Morty and Ferdie love a good pretend phone as well as the next guy. But sweet Lou is by far the most dedicated to her imagination.

For starters, she is very insistent that we call her by whatever nickname she prefers at the moment. Currently (and for the past several months) that is "Big Loopy." I don't know why that one, but I'll call her anything else (even her given name), and she'll reply, "No! I'm Big Loopy!" And she's so cute I just can't say no.

But when she is pretending to be someone else (real or make-believe), she is just as insistent on being called the correct name. There was once that for a couple of days, she insisted on being called Caluken. Without fail, she would correct me if I called her anything else.

And then, without warning, she was Molly.

Once, when my parents were here, she insisted that she was Grandma, and Grandma was Lou. Everyone had to refer to them correctly, or suffer the wrath of an indignant three-year-old. (For the record, she also insisted that Rico was Grandpa and vice versa.) On that trip, my mom brought me a tin of buttons. (I have an unhealthy obsession with them.) When Louie saw them a week or so later, she commented that Lou had given them to me. "No, my mom did," I replied, slightly confused as to why she was referring to herself in third person. But she insisted that Lou had, until I remembered that she had been Grandma that day, and Grandma had been Lou.

Sometimes it's Rapunzel (a perennial favorite around these parts), sometimes it's Benjamin (a little boy in our ward), and sometimes it's completely off the wall, (like Caluken), but it's always cute.

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mrs. olson said...

That is totally cute!