The adventures of Morty and Ferdie

If there is one thing Morty and Ferdie like to do, it's empty their dresser. They strew their once-folded clothes all over their room and romp about in the mess. Only slightly less attractive a prospect is emptying the container of wipes. They pull them out one at a time or in clumps and spread them around the room, often taking one or more to scrub the carpet, wall, brother, or whatever else strikes their fancy. And if they can get their hands on a tube of diaper cream, so much the better.

Last Thursday they managed all three. Simultaneously.

I had put Morty and Ferdie in their room to play while I was finishing up dinner (they were wreaking havoc in the kitchen/living room/dining room). Just before Tom came home I asked Rico to check on them, and he advised me that they had gotten out the wipes.

And all their clothes.

I groaned, but knew that there wasn't much I could do now that couldn't wait till later. Then came the bad news.

"And they got the cream out!"

That required action.

I abandoned dinner (which was not going as well as planned, but that's a post for another day) and went to survey the damage.

Ferdie was covered head to foot in white slime. Morty had a fair bit on himself too, but not nearly as bad. The floor had several large patches of smeared whiteness, and Ferdie's snuggle blanket (that he sleeps with every night, held up to his face while he sucks his thumb) was caked in the goo.

I was not thrilled to say the least. I had the presence of mind to grab my phone and snap a few pictures, but they don't to justice to the level of mess.

I grabbed a convenient wipe or two (since they were so strategically placed around the room) and cleaned the boys off as best I could and plopped them in their respective cribs. Then I hastily crammed the remainder of the wipes back in the tub while I contemplated the creamy chaos. After removing the clothes they were wearing, the aforementioned blanket, and those of the scattered, otherwise clean, clothes that had gotten a few smears of cream on them for a load of laundry, I wiped up the excess cream from the carpet and determined the rest would have to wait until the next day (as I had to leave right after dinner).

In the end, I got the carpet and blanket clean (eventually), moved the wipes and cream (again) to a (hopefully) more secure location, and shoved their clothes back in their drawers (folding is so over rated). But, I was reminded of this whole escapade today when I was changing Morty's diaper: I reached into the tub for the next semi-wadded wipe and pulled out a sopping onesie instead.


mrs. olson said...

I love two things. First, that you debated whether you the mess needed immediate attention because I do that all the time. Second, that you found a soggy onesie the next day. You'll look back and laugh later :)

Lisa C said...

haha, love it!

Bethany said...

You have earned yourself a motherhood medal of honor. Icky.

Carol said...

Ha ha ha ha ha. Sopping onesie!