Love and prayers

Rico played hooky from school today.

When tragedy strikes, like it did in Newtown last year, it is only natural to hold your loved ones close. But tragedy strikes every day, only it's small so the effect is not as far spread.

We just found out that Rico's little buddy in his kindergarten class is starting treatment for leukemia tomorrow. As today was his last day for visitors, and as he requested Rico and another friend by name, they went down to the hospital to visit instead of going to school.

I've been fighting tears all day and I don't know anything about this boy, except his name and that Rico loves him.

Rico just got home, so, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go love on my kids and be grateful they're healthy and well.

And pray for those who aren't.


Lady in Red

I was recently contacted by firmoo.com to receive and review a pair of glasses. For free.

I like free. And I like glasses. So this worked out very well for me.

I've been wearing glasses for the last 12 years of my life. In that time I've bounced between burgundy, oval, metallic frames and dark, chunky, rectangular, (usually) plastic frames. One at a time.

Since my insurance only covers frames every two years, that means I wear one for two years, swap to the other option for the next two, and so on. But I am a girl who likes options.

Currently both of my glasses have lenses that are similar enough so I can switch, but it's still the same two options that I've had for the last 12 years. The problem is that I'm not brave enough to spend that kind of money (usually over $100 after insurance) on something edgy or trendy or "out there" in any way. Even though I'm always tempted.

So this was the perfect opportunity to go out on a limb.

And so I did.

The glasses shipped out very quickly (only a day or two after I placed my order), but as they were coming from China (I think), it took a week or so to get them. About the same as from an optical store.

Overall, I love them. The are just as high quality as ones I've gotten traditionally or through other online retailers (for Rico). They are a little bigger than I'm used to, but as they provided all the measurements beforehand, I should not have been surprised by that.

(Ignore the junk in the background and check out the blue interior and stripes-fun!)

The best part, is that even if I hadn't gotten them for free, their prices are much more reasonable than your local glasses store. They have frames (with lenses included, prescription or otherwise) starting at just $8.00, and the extras (like thinner lenses or anti-reflective coating) are very reasonably priced. The anti-reflective coating (which is MUST if you use your glasses for night driving) is only $2.95, as opposed to the $35 PER LENS that the optical department wanted to charge me (and which insurance won't cover).

And to make it even better, they want to send you a pair for free. All first time customers can get their first pair free, you just pay for shipping which is an easy $6.95. Not bad for a pair of glasses. So scurry over to firmoo.com and pick out a pair!

{If you're interested, I made a video review as well, here.}


Bedding woes

For Christmas, Tom got me us a new bedding set. He picked it up at a local store, and gifted it with the understanding that I would likely prefer to pick one out myself.

Which is true.

While I liked the one he chose, it was not quite what I'd been wanting, and it was polyester, which upon realizing he didn't prefer anyway.

So I started hunting.

After looking at set, after set, after set, online and in store, I found that I definitely prefer a neutral color, usually solid, that I can accessorize with different colored pillows, etc. to change it up on occasion. I really like the textured look (like this, this, or this) but Tom was not sold on the idea. I really love this one, except the bit where it's 100% polyester as well.

So I'm down to two options, and I'm torn.

Option one is a print, which I don't normally go for, but it's a neutral paisley that doesn't feel too busy. It comes with some blue pillows and shams, but those could easily be swapped for another color when I feel like it. Plus, I've been loving that blue lately. The comforter is slightly smaller than option 2, and it costs twice as much (with free shipping).

Option two is a solid color, but while it looks gray in the picture, it is described as "mink." I'm not sure that color that is, exactly. It's a couple inches larger each direction, which I love, and very mono-chromatic. Again, the pillows could be swapped out/recovered to change up the look when the mood strikes. It doesn't come with euro shams, but I've made it almost 9 years without euro pillows, and I'm sure I'd continue on just fine. (Or I could always find some shams that added some contrast.) However, it is listed as "used-like new," as it was a floor model, which means that something could potentially be wrong with it. But hence, it's half the price of option one (and I do have to pay for shipping). Also, this is the only picture, and you can't see the whole bed.

So, what do you think? Paisley, or mink?



I am not as brainless as I thought! Hooray!

Prior to Morty's nap, he was playing in the playroom with Ferdie and Rico. Apparently both Morty and Ferdie thought it would be a great idea to take off their diapers, and Rico, being the helper that he is, put them back on and got them dressed again without telling me. And he obviously got Morty's diaper on backwards.

So it wasn't me, and I'm not crazy!


I have apparently lost my mind.

When I first changed Ferdie this morning, I noticed that his onesie was on backwards. That makes it a little harder to snap so you think I would have noticed when I first put it on. But then I remembered that I had the pleasure of changing him (diaper, onesie, pajamas, the whole deal) at three o-something this morning, so I gave myself a pass.

However, I just now changed Morty (and Ferdie, both of whom really ought to be asleep, but I digress) and realized that his diaper was on backwards.


How did I even do that?!?

And without noticing!

In the middle of the day!

I cannot even fathom how that occurred, but obviously it did, unless he is Houdini himself.

Mystery solved: See UPDATE.


Why I love having a photog for a little brother

While Jon was here over Christmas break, he suggested we take some updated pictures of my family, since the last ones were, oh, a year-and-a-half old.

I quickly agreed. I raided everyone's closets and found some coordinating-enough options. We then headed to a nearby park while praying the rain would not start up. Despite being freezing and getting a little misted toward the end, I think we got a couple of fantastic shots.

(Also, mad props to my mother for doing acrobatics behind Jonathan to keep my kids smiling!)

Now just to get them printed and hung on my wall.

Or to hang anything on my walls, really.


Shelve that idea

Remember how I mentioned we moved?

Right. Well, we did.

And our new house is, um, significantly larger than our last place.

Which is great.

But it also means that we have had some furniture needs, so I've been perusing craigslist more often than before. We've found ourselves a dining table and chairs, a pair of couches and a desk. The next thing on the list is a bookshelf or two.

But here's the thing. When you're looking for a couch, you type in couch and you'll find all the couches. You want a dining table? Great, search for table and you'll find tons. Granted, some people think they are dinning tables, but whatev. Desk? You guessed it, enter desk in that handy search box and you're golden.

But shelves? Not so much.

See, some people refer to one as a bookshelf, while others call it a set of bookshelves. Some, a book shelf; others, book shelves. Still more identify it as a book case, others a bookcase. And then there are those really special people who think that the singular form of shelves is shelve. Which is word, but a verb, not a noun. And bookshelve is just not a word. Despite what some folks apparently think.

So you see my dilemma? I can't just enter one search word and be on my merry way. I have to look through each and every possible iteration of book + shelf, shelves, case, cases (oo, haven't tried that one yet) with and without the space.

It's enough to drive a girl insane.

And only slightly less obnoxious is this: I finally found the "bookshelves" we're looking for, only to find out that they are in Lake Stevens. Over an hour away. Lame.



I worked as a nanny when Tom and I were dating and first married. I took care of three kids: 8, 6, and 2. Their grandma lived across the street and around the corner, and we saw her a lot. I got along with her just fine, but it always grated on my nerves when she referred to the youngest as "the baby," which she did all. the. time.

"Give this to the baby." "How's the baby doing?" "Did the baby have a good time at preschool?"

"He's not a baby!" I would mutter (or just think) to myself. "He is a walking, talking, toddler. NOT a baby."

Well, so little I knew.

I still refer Morty and Ferdie as "the babies" and they are now well over 2.

They walk.

They talk (ish).

They are full fledged toddlers.

BUT, they are my youngest, and therefore, they are still the babies.

And I feel bad for mentally giving that sweet grandmother grief.


I can see clearly now

(Just to preface this, we moved in the middle of October. I LOVE our new house. Any complaining is strictly humorous. Mostly.)

There are many things in life I don't get. And I'm okay with that. I don't need to know or understand everything. But things that affect my everyday life I need to get. They need to make at least a little sense.

And I don't get clear shower doors.

I mean, yes, it makes the bathroom feel bigger.

Yes, they look pretty when they are all sparkly clean.

And yes, they are MUCH better than shower curtains.

But really?

A) My bathroom is huge enough. The extra 6 square feet of shower is not going to make a big difference in visual space.

2) When are they EVER sparkly clean? Is that even possible?


D) Frosted shower doors would be just as (quite frankly even more) superior to curtains.

I'm sorry, but have the inventors of clear shower doors never heard of children? Do these people not realize that children have no concept of privacy when it comes to you showering? And that they can and WILL wander in and get a lovely view of you (me) in your (my) birthday suit?

Now, those of you without these little blessings will laugh, but this is a fact:

And in my case, I just get the whole child.

Now, I could lock my bathroom door. But, wait! My bathroom doesn't have a door! It has a fancy decorative entry from my bedroom. And also a door to my closet that doesn't lock. And my closet has a door to the laundry room. So, technically I could lock both my bedroom and my closet/laundry doors, but really? Who's going to remember to do that every time they want to shower?

Not this girl!

Even without children, I don't get them. I like to shower in privacy. And being fully visible to anyone walking by, spouse or child, does not feel like privacy.

So for the love of all that is sane, why clear shower doors? Why?

(And do any of you know a way to frost glass doors? I know you can get some sort of chemical, but it seems like you would need a lot to do two whole doors. And I try to avoid chemicals in general.)

Is this just me?