Bedding woes

For Christmas, Tom got me us a new bedding set. He picked it up at a local store, and gifted it with the understanding that I would likely prefer to pick one out myself.

Which is true.

While I liked the one he chose, it was not quite what I'd been wanting, and it was polyester, which upon realizing he didn't prefer anyway.

So I started hunting.

After looking at set, after set, after set, online and in store, I found that I definitely prefer a neutral color, usually solid, that I can accessorize with different colored pillows, etc. to change it up on occasion. I really like the textured look (like this, this, or this) but Tom was not sold on the idea. I really love this one, except the bit where it's 100% polyester as well.

So I'm down to two options, and I'm torn.

Option one is a print, which I don't normally go for, but it's a neutral paisley that doesn't feel too busy. It comes with some blue pillows and shams, but those could easily be swapped for another color when I feel like it. Plus, I've been loving that blue lately. The comforter is slightly smaller than option 2, and it costs twice as much (with free shipping).

Option two is a solid color, but while it looks gray in the picture, it is described as "mink." I'm not sure that color that is, exactly. It's a couple inches larger each direction, which I love, and very mono-chromatic. Again, the pillows could be swapped out/recovered to change up the look when the mood strikes. It doesn't come with euro shams, but I've made it almost 9 years without euro pillows, and I'm sure I'd continue on just fine. (Or I could always find some shams that added some contrast.) However, it is listed as "used-like new," as it was a floor model, which means that something could potentially be wrong with it. But hence, it's half the price of option one (and I do have to pay for shipping). Also, this is the only picture, and you can't see the whole bed.

So, what do you think? Paisley, or mink?


Rachael said...

I like paisley but I think both are cute. We had a textured set from target that was white and pleated with buttons but it all fell apart in the wash...and being white it had to be washed. I'm leaning toward the duvet option next so we can switch it out easily and wash easily. Just some random thoughts for you...hopefully they help... :)

Alisha Oldroyd said...

I'm a sucker for paisley but I really like the mink one. That's my vote.

Beth said...

I really like the first one- I think you could do a lot with pillows and add to the already pretty set, but, since it is more expensive and a little smaller, that is a tough call. Are either returnable? I would probably but both (esp since one is free shipping) and return the one I don't like. I'd be a little nercous about "slightly used" except that I don't think floor models get much damage other than maybe some feet on them occasionally. Both are super cute though!

Momma Strain said...


------------------------------- said...

I am just amazed that you are able to make your bed every day. . . .

My vote goes to Mink.

~Lisa Lewis~