I have apparently lost my mind.

When I first changed Ferdie this morning, I noticed that his onesie was on backwards. That makes it a little harder to snap so you think I would have noticed when I first put it on. But then I remembered that I had the pleasure of changing him (diaper, onesie, pajamas, the whole deal) at three o-something this morning, so I gave myself a pass.

However, I just now changed Morty (and Ferdie, both of whom really ought to be asleep, but I digress) and realized that his diaper was on backwards.


How did I even do that?!?

And without noticing!

In the middle of the day!

I cannot even fathom how that occurred, but obviously it did, unless he is Houdini himself.

Mystery solved: See UPDATE.

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Rachael said...

That is so funny :)