I can see clearly now

(Just to preface this, we moved in the middle of October. I LOVE our new house. Any complaining is strictly humorous. Mostly.)

There are many things in life I don't get. And I'm okay with that. I don't need to know or understand everything. But things that affect my everyday life I need to get. They need to make at least a little sense.

And I don't get clear shower doors.

I mean, yes, it makes the bathroom feel bigger.

Yes, they look pretty when they are all sparkly clean.

And yes, they are MUCH better than shower curtains.

But really?

A) My bathroom is huge enough. The extra 6 square feet of shower is not going to make a big difference in visual space.

2) When are they EVER sparkly clean? Is that even possible?


D) Frosted shower doors would be just as (quite frankly even more) superior to curtains.

I'm sorry, but have the inventors of clear shower doors never heard of children? Do these people not realize that children have no concept of privacy when it comes to you showering? And that they can and WILL wander in and get a lovely view of you (me) in your (my) birthday suit?

Now, those of you without these little blessings will laugh, but this is a fact:

And in my case, I just get the whole child.

Now, I could lock my bathroom door. But, wait! My bathroom doesn't have a door! It has a fancy decorative entry from my bedroom. And also a door to my closet that doesn't lock. And my closet has a door to the laundry room. So, technically I could lock both my bedroom and my closet/laundry doors, but really? Who's going to remember to do that every time they want to shower?

Not this girl!

Even without children, I don't get them. I like to shower in privacy. And being fully visible to anyone walking by, spouse or child, does not feel like privacy.

So for the love of all that is sane, why clear shower doors? Why?

(And do any of you know a way to frost glass doors? I know you can get some sort of chemical, but it seems like you would need a lot to do two whole doors. And I try to avoid chemicals in general.)

Is this just me?


Bethany said...

I don't get them, either! We nixed that idea when it was an option for our house. Oh, and adding a door between our bedroom and bathroom was considered an "upgrade." Maybe your original homeowners faced a similar cost scenario!

Linda said...

We've had a clear shower for 5.5 years and would prefer the frosted, now that our kids are getting older especially. Fortunately, we have a door between our bedroom and bathroom, although most houses we look at don't, which I don't get. As far as keeping it clean, we have a squeegee hanging on the shower wall and we squeegee the glass every time we shower. If you have hard water, like we do, we recently discovered that fabric softener can get the hard to clean grime off the glass (that windex, comet, vinegar just doesn't seem to touch). I think Mike just used a fabric softener sheet so it had the stuff and was scrubby at the same time.

Beth said...

You can hang a squeegee in there to use every time (though it is a pain).

Home Depot sells sticker glass covering. There are some that are like frosting, others like stained glass, etc. I would probably stick them to the outside of the glass since water may not help the sticking, but you could give it a try. It's not terribly expensive, I don't think, but you coudl try just putting one on to test before getting enough to cover all of the glass.

Lisa C said...

I would definitely prefer the frosted door, but for now I have the shower curtain that gets moldy and that my baby likes to pull out of the shower so she can lean in and WATCH me shower, and let lots of water out on the ground. It's a lovely arrangement. I have heard that if you mix hot vinegar and blue dawn it eviscerates soap scum. It's on Pinterest.

Lisa C said...


Melanie said...

We had a clear glass window to the outside in our last shower, talk about random!! IKEA had some frosted looking stick on stuff, like a roll of contact paper but specifically for windows... Might do the trick! It was in the bathroom stuff area.

Laura said...

i would go with the contact paper trick. Also to squeegee. It's not too bad. Good luck! The days of being followed to the bathroom are just a few weeks away for me...

------------------------------- said...

We too had the clear windows in the bathrooms, not sure why they thought that was a good idea. We frosted them ourselves with a spray on can. However, when it gets wet, it goes away. Spray on is not the way to go on a shower door.

I would really like to see pictures of said bathroom...
~Lisa Lewis~