Lady in Red

I was recently contacted by firmoo.com to receive and review a pair of glasses. For free.

I like free. And I like glasses. So this worked out very well for me.

I've been wearing glasses for the last 12 years of my life. In that time I've bounced between burgundy, oval, metallic frames and dark, chunky, rectangular, (usually) plastic frames. One at a time.

Since my insurance only covers frames every two years, that means I wear one for two years, swap to the other option for the next two, and so on. But I am a girl who likes options.

Currently both of my glasses have lenses that are similar enough so I can switch, but it's still the same two options that I've had for the last 12 years. The problem is that I'm not brave enough to spend that kind of money (usually over $100 after insurance) on something edgy or trendy or "out there" in any way. Even though I'm always tempted.

So this was the perfect opportunity to go out on a limb.

And so I did.

The glasses shipped out very quickly (only a day or two after I placed my order), but as they were coming from China (I think), it took a week or so to get them. About the same as from an optical store.

Overall, I love them. The are just as high quality as ones I've gotten traditionally or through other online retailers (for Rico). They are a little bigger than I'm used to, but as they provided all the measurements beforehand, I should not have been surprised by that.

(Ignore the junk in the background and check out the blue interior and stripes-fun!)

The best part, is that even if I hadn't gotten them for free, their prices are much more reasonable than your local glasses store. They have frames (with lenses included, prescription or otherwise) starting at just $8.00, and the extras (like thinner lenses or anti-reflective coating) are very reasonably priced. The anti-reflective coating (which is MUST if you use your glasses for night driving) is only $2.95, as opposed to the $35 PER LENS that the optical department wanted to charge me (and which insurance won't cover).

And to make it even better, they want to send you a pair for free. All first time customers can get their first pair free, you just pay for shipping which is an easy $6.95. Not bad for a pair of glasses. So scurry over to firmoo.com and pick out a pair!

{If you're interested, I made a video review as well, here.}


Emily said...

"And also, I'm a supermodel." (I think you forgot the last sentence...

Rachael said...

They look so cute!

Mon Cherries said...

great glasses and skirt!