Why I love having a photog for a little brother

While Jon was here over Christmas break, he suggested we take some updated pictures of my family, since the last ones were, oh, a year-and-a-half old.

I quickly agreed. I raided everyone's closets and found some coordinating-enough options. We then headed to a nearby park while praying the rain would not start up. Despite being freezing and getting a little misted toward the end, I think we got a couple of fantastic shots.

(Also, mad props to my mother for doing acrobatics behind Jonathan to keep my kids smiling!)

Now just to get them printed and hung on my wall.

Or to hang anything on my walls, really.


Lisa C said...

I love how these turned out! Jonathan did a great job (as did you in making those cuties)!

Rachael said...

They are so darling!!

Becky said...

Your brother did a great job! Great pictures of you & the family. Glad you are doing well!

Carol said...

I know that park! It is a very picturesque setting for your picturesque family. :)