And the idiocy continues

Just when I think I've reached a low of brain capacity, I amaze myself with my own stupidity.


When we bought our house, the previous owners left, well, a bunch of stuff. Some useful, some not. One of the more useful things was a treadmill (and yes, they asked if we wanted it). They had used the downstairs bedroom as a home gym and left all the equipment for us.

That was great, except that we wanted it all in the garage so that the room could be used as a play room. The night we closed on the house, we moved everything down to the garage except the treadmill as it wouldn't fit out the bedroom door. It lived in the play room for several months where I occasionally used it and the kids abused it. They pulled all the decals/stickers/labels off, tried using the cord as a rope swing, and hid small toys in and around it.

I tried figuring out how to take it apart so as to move it out of the room, but all my efforts were to no avail.

Christmas Eve, we mentioned this dilemma and Tom's brother (who is quite mechanically-minded) offered to take a look. After looking over the treadmill, he suggested removing the door, as it should fit (without even an inch to spare). They pulled the hinge pins out, shimmied the treadmill through and relocated it to the garage. I was thrilled!

Naturally, we didn't try it out immediately, and the first time I got myself up early to try it out, it would not turn on. I tried multiple outlets and multiple extension cords, tried wiggling the "key" around, and nothing. Nothing at all.

Once again, I tried taking it apart a little to see if the cord had been pulled loose what with the kids swinging on it and all, but I was unsuccessful.

So it sat there.

And sat there.

And sat there.

And I looked online and some helpful website suggested using a multi-blabbity-whatsit and measuring the electricity from the wall along the cord and internal components to see where the problem was, but I still couldn't even get the cover off to see the inside workings. Not to mention I don't own or know how to use a multi-blabbity-whatsit. But I figured I would cross that bridge when I got there.

So I tried AGAIN.

After breaking it (only a little) I realized I would need to tip it back to access a screw from the bottom. I was out of time and figured that would be a better two-man job anyway.

Several weeks later (yesterday), Tom was cleaning out the garage, and I mentioned my thought that I could possibly get the cover off if he would tip it back for me. He did so quite obligingly, and after grabbing a screwdriver, I noticed a switch.

As in, a power switch.

And it was turned off.

So I turned it on, and magically, the treadmill worked fine.

Now I just have to get myself down there to use it regularly!

{Also, in case you are wondering, my dad and I fixed the fuel filler door on the van. He got a part from the junkyard (I would have gone too, but I had to be home to meet the bus) and I (we) installed it. So my van does not look all ghetto anymore. Thanks Dad!}


Rachael said...

Oh, those things happen to all of us! I was hoping you weren't going to say that after all this you realized it folds up and could have been moved easier.

Tiffany said...

I had this same thing happen to me, although I didn't go to all the research you did! I thought my treadmill must have broken after so many moves. But lo and behold, I found that little power switch on the bottom of it and all was well! Glad I'm not the only one with these special moments! :)